A2A Simulation's L049 Constellation COTS

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A2A Simulation's L049 Constellation COTS

Postby stephan.cote.1 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:02 pm

Good day fellow airmen!

I made a couple short clips of A2A newest bird!
This one gives you a good idea of the physics coded when landing and, the icing on the cake: The feedback you get from your crew and your passengers!

Here, You have a short summary clip of my trip to the north pole, Landing at Alert at night (Real Time, Real Weather mean permanent night a this time of the year)
Sorry about the background soundtrack at landing, I was listening to a LinusTechTip video when I landed... failed to think that it was gonna be captured too...

In this longer video, I go through a short introduction to the ship, and the COTS systems as I start the engines, board passenger and takeoff..
I intended to show the feel we get in VR in this bird.. which did not came out any close to how amazing it really is in the VR headset, but still...
Let me know if you can think of any ways to capture VR flight that will make the video more interesting to watch...

As usual, thank you very much for watching! I always appreciates comments and feedback,.. bad or good,... prefrerably good! :D
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