HJG 727-200F cargo door fix

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HJG 727-200F cargo door fix

Postby Balsa_Pilot » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:35 am

I recently downloaded the HJG b727-200fadv_leaps_ntl_vhf_jt8d-17_v2.0 along with the sound and panel for FS9. What a great aircraft! In fact, I've found that all of the HJG planes are great quality. Once in a while you find something that doesn't quite work the way you want, or you need to change something for whatever reason. Well I found that the large cargo door on the port side didn't work after pressing SHIFT+E 1,2,3,4. Only the pilot door worked. After messing around with it for a while I was about to conclude that it just wasn't functional even though the photos clearly showed them open. I remembered on some other aircraft that the doors were tied into other commands such as wing fold, water rudder, etc. As it turned out, the cargo door responded to "Tail hook up/down". I went into Options/controls/assignments/general aircraft commands, and I assigned the tail hook up/down command to SHIFT+F5. After that the door opened and closed perfectly! Also, the latter for the pilot door is under the "Concorde nose & visor up/down" command, Shift+F6 to lower it, and Shift+F7 to raise it. There is an icon already on the panel to operate the stairs at the rear of the fuselage, or you can assign it to the wing fold command using Shift+F8.

Anyway, I hope this saves someone a headache.

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Re: HJG 727-200F cargo door fix

Postby darrenvox » Mon Jan 27, 2020 2:38 am

There shouldn't be it being used with the Concorde nose key bind I use is not tailwheel or Concorde nose but I use wing fold unfold... which is set to shift o on mine
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Re: HJG 727-200F cargo door fix

Postby aerofoto » Tue Apr 07, 2020 10:30 am

This's all actually covered within the HJG B727 manual :)

See the "BOEING 727 MODEL ANIMATIONS" section .... within "SECTION 1.07" of the following-linked forum based HJH B727 manual ....

https://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thre ... ling-notes

In any case the port side forward fuselage main deck cargo door on each of the HJG hosted B727-200 SCD type simulation function using the FS2004 "CONCORDE VISOR" keyboad commands .... which need to be "manually activated" within the "FS OPTIONS/CONTROLS/ASSIGNMENTS" section of FS2004.

PLEASE NOTE .... (1) Whilst the HJG B727 series "is" FSX portable (as are its panels too .... and separate FSX specific sound packs are also offered), these cargo doors "cannot function "in FSX" since the FSX based CONCORDE VISOR animation is controlled by "a diffrent combination of keyboard commands" which these models can't recognize .... and (2) whilst HJG "do" also offer B727-100 SCD type simulations too (with cargo specific W&B data), none of these models (again B727-100 SCD only) feature animated port side forward fuselage main deck cargo doors simply because that's the way these particular models were compiled and then supplied to HJG.

May I also suggest .... in future, and in regard to all HJG simulations, it's better to seek advice directly from the HJG forum .... since that's where the expertise which has either brought each of the HJG simulations into existence, or otherwise supports them, is located. This request is simply intended to ensure not only the best and most thorough, but also, the quickest resolutions for end users requiring assistance. It's not really practical for HJG to monitor all FS forums and provide support on each accordingly ;)

I've only just seen/stumbled across this query here by "pure chance/accident" :)

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