New to P3D: Key/Button Mapping Question

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New to P3D: Key/Button Mapping Question

Postby Tleilaxian » Tue May 14, 2019 8:55 am

I just migrated to P3D and am looking to set it up similarly to my FSX configuration but am stuck on an item or two: Is there a way to program a flight stick button (yeah, I use a flight stick but hey, flight sticks are a good enough philosophy for Airbus, so ...) button to immediately take you to the Cockpit/VC views (separate buttons, of course). I searched everywhere but couldn't find anything that looked appropriately named to map to a button for cockpit/VC views. Would anybody happen to know what the line item is to assign the button to to accomplish this?

Also, I mapped a "Disarm A/T" and "AP Master" to buttons (because I like to be able to just click a handy button to disengage them on approach without taking my eyes off the runway) but those button mappings only seem to work in Cockpit view and not VC. Would anybody know how to get those mappings to work in the VC?

Thanks in advance for any help that anybody might be able to provide.
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