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Postby H » Mon May 13, 2019 12:49 pm

it's been a while... but I'm yet alive extant. Anyway, thought I should give an update:

The VA finally got transportation and facility situations coordinated and scheduled me for colonoscopy at the end of February -- a very long while in the waiting since our cancer suspicion from mid 2014 onward resulted in the more local VA medical agent's request at the start of 2017 (that alone about covers the time between my grandfather's diagnosis and his death from colon cancer). What was supposed to be a morning procedure went into the late afternoon, having immediately transitioned to surgery.
After another couple week's wait, I was scheduled for a meeting with their cancer expert from Vermont's VA Hospital, who met with me at NH's VA Hospital (@ 50 miles south for me and nearing twice the distance south for him). He confirmed that the removed polyps were cancerous and that their concern was that it had spread elsewhere. He also told me with this that I should consider having my colon removed... !!!
"You are not removing the colon," said I.
"You've already had cancer surgery,"
"That was the removal of something that didn't belong there," I responded, "the colon does. You have no cure for cancer and we are all going to die eventually. I have already outlived my dad, paternal uncle and grandmother — less than a decade to go to outlive my paternal aunt and that grandfather. Even with chemo you're hoping to outlast the cancer as the chemo is killing both you and it," that being accompanied by his nod of assent, "Cutting out what doesn't belong there is one thing — but we're not cutting out what does."
He asked what branch of the service I'd been in and what I'd done when in, then shook my hand to end the session.
Since then I've been involved with, and further researched, proper and additional medications and supplements as well trying to get other tasks completed. My neural condition has been a contention for holding things as well as walking and I still should have [laser] surgery to remove the cataracts ringed around my eyes (have to wear sunglasses if in the sunlight — at certain angles the sun can otherwise blind me). Sometimes I have slept through most of two days and it may take me most of a morning to get in condition to go anywhere.
A follow up colonoscopy is scheduled for next month, supposedly to check how well I've healed as well as for any other problems. The preceding method of intestinal flush doesn't leave me apathetic towards another colonoscopy; it was several weeks before I could stop making hasty runs to the toilet due to runs from the butt (perhaps, in part, due to my diverticuli). A nasty, quite unpleasant procedure.

I pray that all of you are in better health.

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Re: Hello...

Postby Nighthawk117 » Mon May 13, 2019 5:11 pm

keep fighting the good fight H.... Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for your service and pray for you and your family. I pray you will continue to live long and prosper
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Re: Hello...

Postby Fozzer » Tue May 14, 2019 5:08 pm

Wonderful to hear from you again, @H... :D ...!

I miss our interesting and comical chats regarding the correct use of the English Language and colonization of the United States (Atlantic North-East coast, New England, etc), and Canada, etc, etc.... ;) ... :lol: ...!

Sorry to hear you are rather poorly at the moment, and I hope things take a turn for the better soon!

Take care @H, and look after yourself!

Paul.... :mrgreen: ...!
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Re: Hello...

Postby Roypcox » Wed May 15, 2019 7:51 am

I have your "6" covered in prayer H. Roy
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