HJG October-Fest Releases

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HJG October-Fest Releases

Postby aerofoto » Fri Nov 04, 2022 1:08 pm

Due to time constraints at the moment I'm not going to present one of our customery/fully-fledged PR's in regard to the following news since it's now so close to December/Christmas and what HJG "hope" will be a major release next month/December.

For what it's worth though ....

The HJG website was updated again yesterday with another 66X new files .... covering the B727-100/200, B737-300/400/500, BAC ONE-ELEVEN 400/500 (DMFS), DC-9-10/40/50, DC-10-10CF/F (MD-10F), HS121 TRIDENT 1/2E (DMFS), L-1011 TRISTAR 1, and MD-82. All of which freely are now freely and publicly available .... as per the following linked forum announcement ....

https://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thre ... ember-2022

Just a couple of additional reminders also ....

"NEW" DC-9 and MD-80 sound packs were released by HJG last April .... representing P&W JT8D-7, JT8D-9/15/17, and JT8D-215/217 engine versions. This HQ audio (by Benoit PLAMONDON) has been customized especially for HJG's own DC-9 and MD-80 simulations and is available as separate "FS2004" and "FSX" specific audio options.

HJG's entire MD-80/90 flight line underwent an FDE update last April also. These simulations are now no longer impaired by resistance to rotate at normal/sensible TO speeds. Using this "NEW" FDE this old issue "IS" now "RESOLVED". Whilst on the subject of this particular flight line .... last December HJG also release a "NEW" MD-88SF (freighter) too .... supported by a USA JET livery and which is, so far, the only operator of this type.

Expect more news next month/December.

Mark C
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