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Training bugs

Postby EVVFCX » Sun Sep 19, 2021 7:46 pm

Hi all,

in msfs2020 in the light aircraft training modules, the details preflight graphics call for 75 knts and 5400ft but once in flight it prompts for 75 knts and 5700ft on climb out which can't be done.
Also in pattern training it says 80 knts and 6000ft and it's at 60knts 5000ft.
in the 1st solo flight as in the take off module, it calls for 5400ft at 75knts but in flight it asks for 5700ft at 75knts.

Any body else seeing these problems?

It has been reported by myself and others at the MSFS2020 zendesk, in my report it now shows as solved but nobody has replied or suggested anything so how can it be solved?
Just done the flights again, no patches or further updates and situation is the same.


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