How to create custom liveries for MSFS aircraft

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How to create custom liveries for MSFS aircraft

Postby cevans » Mon Oct 26, 2020 1:23 pm

Yes a bit late maybe but only just found this. I've made over 400 liveries for P3D/FSX and been doing it for some time now. It's my main hobby and gives me a reason to get up every day. Would like to try making textures for the new sim.

Posting this here in case anyone else wants to have a try. From what I understand it's quite different but once you have the knowledge it;s supposed to be quite easy :think:

I'll see. I've also found a paintkit for the default A320neo. Checking to see if it's ok to upload here.

Meanwhile link to paint tute ... tor/153027

The main thing I would like to see however would be conversions of the huge library of high quality freeware already available. Another topic ;)
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