Winter Cleaning Dirty Computer !

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Winter Cleaning Dirty Computer !

Postby Jetranger » Sat Jan 17, 2015 8:04 am

Well its not quite spring, but I jumped the gun anyway and went and cleaned my Computer again to keep er' running cooler and faster !

1st was to througly clean the Heat Sink and get all the dust & debris off it ! ( See Photos)

I took it and the fan completely off and out on the work bench and took the Air-Compressor to it and blew it out until it was spot less all around.

Then clean the fan blades too !!!

Next was my Video Graphics card,( XFX 6950 Radeon HD Graphics Card) took it out and took it completely apart to get to all the hard to get to areas like the Coils and clean the fan, which required a toothbrush and some warm soapy water.

took the fan off and away from the coils and gently used the tooth brush on the fan blades slowly & carefully so as not to bend them outta shape.

Next was to clean all the other Fans in the case, the Power Supply Fan, and the other 2 cooling fans.

Then put everything back together and fire it up !

Everything works like its supposed to and runs cooler now too and a tad bit speedier !

every 3 or so months I do this so as to not have issues hopefully.

See photos how badd the coils were.

This is the 1st time I ever dis-assembled the graphics card tho,,,, fairly easy small screws tho , becareful !!!

I had just been blowing to areas where I could get to, and that ended up putting a lotta dirt debris dust at the back of the coils in the video card which were hard to get to - unless you took the card out and thoroughly disassembled it to get to the hard to get to areas, and really clean the coils.

Cleaner those coils are the cooler it'll run and be easier on the rest of the computer too !!

I'll do this again come May / June too !

Those heat sinks and coils run warm & get hot, and collect a lotta Dust & Dirt just like a car engine, attracts dust and grime .

gotta keep em' clean so they'll run cooler they'll perform better ! :D

I keep my computer tower on top of a Table kind of and it still gets that Dirty , unbelievable - See Photos .






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