MSFS 2024 announced for release next year

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MSFS 2024 announced for release next year

Postby Daube » Tue Jun 20, 2023 3:21 am

Hi all,

Since there seem to be no topic about this yet here, I'm writing a small summary.
The next version of MSFS has been announced officially last weekend. It will be called MSFS 2024 and it will be released somewhere in 2024.
It will be a new version of the sim, not an addon. Just like switching from FS9 to FSX, or P3Dv4 to P3Dv5 for example.
The official trailer below shows many improvements to the graphic rendering system for the ground details, as well as the weather rendering.
It seems there will be a lot of additional features and scenarios related to the pilot's career, but nobody knows yes if these are just some individual missions, or if it's something deeper than that.
Of course the normal part of the simulation (freeflight) should still be there.
According to some interviews with people from MS or Asobo (I don't remember), they are expecting most of the MSFS 2020 addons ("with very few exceptions", they said) will be fully compatible with MSFS 2024, which is good news.
Support for MSFS 2020 will continue after MSFS 2024 is released. But "support" means just fixing bugs, not adding new features or content.

Here is the trailer: ... annel=Xbox

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Re: MSFS 2024 announced for release next year

Postby SamYeager » Fri Aug 04, 2023 1:18 pm

MS and Asobo gave some more details about MSFS 2024 at Flight Sim Expo in the video linked below:
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Re: MSFS 2024 announced for release next year

Postby Flying Trucker » Mon Aug 07, 2023 7:11 am

Enjoyed both Links...informative

Looking forward to revamping my system
Cheers...Happy Landings...Doug
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Re: MSFS 2024 announced for release next year

Postby LeviAckerman » Sun Jan 14, 2024 8:13 pm

This trailer looks promising, showcasing significant improvements in graphics and weather rendering. I can't wait to experience the game as it is the first month of 2024 now. Buckshot Roulette
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Re: MSFS 2024 announced for release next year

Postby hazmatchorus » Mon Jun 24, 2024 10:19 pm

Excellent! I have to admit that, at first glance, the team's plans for 2024 seem to go well beyond my expectations and have the potential to be a physical and metaphorical "game-changer." There have definitely been highs and lows with MSFS to yet, but I can't even begin to count the number of hours I have spent enjoying the simulation, and it has been thrilling to watch this new era of flight simulation come to pass.
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