Virtual United Now Launched!

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Virtual United Now Launched!

Postby charlieajcobb » Mon Jan 04, 2021 10:14 am


Welcome to Virtual United!
We know there are a lot of United virtual airlines, but we believe we have found the right balance between realism and casual fun. Using the vamsys system, pilots that want to take things more seriously are able to take advantage of our updated United routes with built in flight planning. Those who wants a more casual experiance will enjoy our no-activity requirements, and being able to fly the entire United and United Express fleet from day one!

Virtual United has just launched, and we'd love for you to come check us out. We have accurately represented United operations, and welcome pilots of all ages from anywhere in the world. Why not come check us out?

To register, CLICK HERE

For more info, visit our website HERE

PS - We are also looking for people to help us out at the staff team, managing routes, aircraft and the community. If you are interested, first register and click the link in your dashboard to join our discord, and from there, feel free to DM any of the current staff team. See you in the virtual skies
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