Eastern Airlines Virtual Accepting Pilot Applications

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Eastern Airlines Virtual Accepting Pilot Applications

Postby davelt01 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:24 am


Eastern Airlines Virtual (EAV) is hiring and in the process of accepting
applications from virtual pilots wanting to become a part of something

Eastern offers many benefits for potential pilots such as:

* Eastern is one of the oldest virtual airlines in existence with over 19
in service.

* No hourly or minimum requirements to fly larger aircraft which means
that you can fly any assigned aircraft in the fleet. With over 33 planes
from the traditional Eastern turboprop models in the iconic hockey stick
livery to the modern jets with the newest designs.

* Pilot's choice of 10 hubs across the United States from the traditional
Eastern Airlines hubs in Miami and Atlanta to the non-traditional hubs
located in Dallas, Los Angeles and others spread throughout the USA.

* Flights to exotic international locations in Europe, South America,
Carribean, etc.

* EAV offers the opportunity to earn Ribbons and Medals for completing
tours and challenges. Our website contains a complete pilot profile page
where our pilots can keep track of all of their awards.

* EAV's pilot ranking system is hours flown based.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Eastern Airlines Virtual family visit: http://www.easternairlinesvirtual.org
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