Eastern Airlines Virtual World Tour 2017

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Eastern Airlines Virtual World Tour 2017

Postby davelt01 » Sat May 13, 2017 5:20 am


Eastern Airlines Virtual Announces The Around the World Tour 2017.
Eastern Airlines Virtual is excited to announce that the 2017 version of our Around the World Tour has kicked off.
This tour will test your skills with short runways, high altitude airports and flying to the far reaches of earth. There are 19 westerly legs to this tour to keep you busy.
Eastern Airlines Virtual offers many benefits including:
10 hubs spread across the United States, from traditional Eastern Airlines hubs in Miami and Atlanta to non-traditional Eastern hubs in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Seattle.
Fleet Hanger with 33 Aircraft ranging from modern aircraft in new liveries to traditional Eastern Airlines birds in the iconic Eastern Hockey Stick livery.
Earn Ribbons and Medals flying Tours and Challenges. Our web site contains a complete pilot profile page where you can view and keep track of all your awards.
Ranking system based on hours flown.
NO hourly or minimum rank requirements to fly bigger aircraft.
Come see us at http://www.easternairlinesvirtual.com and see how we're still "Earning our Wings, Everyday".
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