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Is Multiplayer a myth

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:49 am
by greywolfe
I used to multiplay on gamespy.
Since its downfall I have spent 100's of hours trying to get into live flight sessions.
Every aspect of gaining access seems to require a complete PC re-configuration.
My progess thus far is that I am now able to get into the skies of a hosted game.
My chat box however is invisible and will not activate. i.e CTRL+SHIFT+] DOES NOT WORK and ENTER will not activate it either
It's said that if the chat box is open that I may have difficulty actually talking aloud to other gamers. AS chat box controls
reconfigure the comms SHIFT+CAPS lock command.
But to talk aloud I need TEAMSPEAK 3 i THINK.
Also what version of TEAMSPEAK 3 do I require for my 32 windows vista pc - and is it free.
Can anyone answer my qustions in an easy to follow way please

Re: Is Multiplayer a myth

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:27 pm
by pegger
For a good list of fsx multiplayer severs, go to
You will see lots of servers that are still frequently populated and all are direct connect via the networkconnection option in standard fsx. Note that they are all probably using fsx sp2/acceleration. If you don't have at least sp2 loaded then you may not be able to make the connection.

You can also check out FSopen. Many servers are listed there as well and they use the FSopen pilot assistant and flight strip software for flight plans and air traffic control.

Some servers i can recommend are FSx-MP, RealFSX, msFlights, Boston Virtual ATC.

Some servers use in game coms, while others use teamspeak. Check if the server has a web page for mire info on how to connect and what sort of rules they follow.

Teamspeak is free and easy to get. Go to the teamspeak website and download the client installer for your system. Pretty straight forward.

Others might suggest chocolate software clients to find servers. I personally have nit tried their client software or any of their servers. Fozzer can tell you more about it. I prrsonally prefer the simplicity of entering a single IP address into the fsx multiplayer dialogue and just connecting.

Your issue with chat box is how it has always been. You can't broadcast on in-game coms if the chat box is opened and active. Bestbet is to leave it closed unless you are specifically trying to chat. Your issue with blank chat box may be that the server has disabled the feature on the server side because they have no use for it and they want their server users using teamspeak or other ways of communicating.

What else can I offer...?
Oh yeah...
If you liked the gamespy style of preschool pilots causing chaos everywhere, then buy yourself a copy if fsx-steam edition. If you prefer mature and more structured play, check out the realms of direct connect servers as noted above. Its one or the other at the moment by the way. Regular fsx and steam edition fsx are nitcompatible as far as multiplayer far.

Good luck and i hope you find success in finding suitable online flight sim experiances to join in on.

Re: Is Multiplayer a myth

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:59 pm
by greywolfe
The only reason I liked gamespy was that it was easy access and I could talk to people. I did not like the chaos one bit. When I go to the teamspeak site with my 32 bit pc its gives to download options - how do I choose please

Re: Is Multiplayer a myth

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:59 pm
by greywolfe
ok I have sp2
I have teamspeak 3
AM connectiong via FSXHOSTSPY & CLIENT as my FSX direct connect does not work despite months of reading and tinkerin
I can get into sessions and see myself listed as a pilot and can sit on the runway or fly and see other players but they cant hearme
I have tried closing the chat box prior to enterimg the game
I have then tried SHIFT+CAPSLOCK and CAPS LOCK
nobody hears me

Do I have to do something else other than download TEAMSPEAK 3

Re: Is Multiplayer a myth

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:52 pm
by Fozzer
I presume that you are wearing a headset containing headphones and a microphone plugged into the Mic + Headphone sockets on the computer?

You can only hope that the other pilots that you see around you are also wearing headsets containing headphones and a microphone, and are also communicating via Teamspeak...

..otherwise there will be complete silence over the air!... ;) ...!

That's why I love the good-old-fashioned "Chat Window" for typing in messages!.... :D ...!

I type in; "Hello Chaps...can I join you?"...and wait for a typed answer.!.. :D ...!

Paul...always up for a chat!.... :mrgreen: ...!

Re: Is Multiplayer a myth

PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 8:36 am
by greywolfe
Yes I do use a headset and it used to work with Gamespy.

The problem is nobody can hear me despite my having TEAMSPEAK.
Also I can't resort to the chat box as that won't come up as a window on my fsx screen. I any case people advise to close the box
as it may dissable TEAMSPEAK.
I can only imagine that having TEAMSPEAK3 is not enough and that I have to follow (some secret procedure) to enable it during a session as well.

Like I said - I think the existance of fsx multiplayer is a conspiracy entirely manufactured to wind me up.

To summarize:-
I have SP2
I have downloaded TEAMSPEAK 3
I can't use the direct connect to session fascility in FSX as it says "Unable to connect to session"
I can access games via FSXHOSTSPY & CLIENT but can't see the chat box and cannot hear or be heard on m headset.
I can see my name listed as a player in the air or on the ground.
I can see other players on the ground or in the air
But nobody hears me and I cant hear them or see (or enable) a chat box window in my fsx screen.

I've now clocked up months of messing around with this problem.
Everybody else just seems to join in straight away.

Aaaaaaagh !

Re: Is Multiplayer a myth

PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:22 am
by Fozzer
Did you know that you have to confirm, in writing, that you believe that man landed on the Moon in 1969*, before Multiplayer will work successfully for you?
In addition, to get Teamspeak to work, you are also obliged to click both heels together three times whilst fully rotating your head, and utter the magic word contained in the exe. readme file**.

It works for me...every time!... :dance: ...!

Paul..... :mrgreen: ...!

*...I lied..../ ;) ...!


Re: Is Multiplayer a myth

PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:17 am
by greywolfe
I wish all instructions were so easy to follow.

Head rotation 360 degrees - here we go.


Your right Paul it all makes sense now <<v