GixxeR Flight Server [Open 24/4 365]

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GixxeR Flight Server [Open 24/4 365]

Postby n406c » Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:43 pm


I've started GixxeR Flight Server for those (such as myself) who were highly active years ago in the flight sim community and are now finding the time and interest to pursue this hobby once again. The goal is to create GixxeR just like the flight servers of yesteryear that have become almost nonexistent to this day but with upgraded technology. We will strive to provide everyone a friendly, mature environment were you have fun and fly stress free.

We own all of our dedicated servers that host both FS Host (FS9 / FSX) and Teamspeak 3, along with a Backup Teamspeak 3 server. Our high speed network will ensure a pleasant flying and communication experience for all to enjoy.

GixxeR is inviting any pilot to fly on our laid back multiplayer server. We also extend that invitation to any flying club or virtual airline looking to call GixxeR their future home. (See our website for more information on becoming a partner)

We are looking forward to seeing you in the sky,

Chris -N406C

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