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Flying through custom scenery

PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:12 pm
by OldAirmail
Can two, or more, people fly through the same custom scenery area?

What I'm thinking of is several flyers following each other through the OZX Grand Canyon.


Or the OZX Death Valley


I'm guessing, that without the same scenery downloads, one person would see this;

OZX Grand Canyon

And the other person would see this;

FTX Global

One has much better mesh, and the other just FSX mesh. What happens when the standard FSX mesh guy flies through an area with the correct mesh? Would I see him flying through part of a mountain?

And speaking of which. What does happen when one of the people that you're flying with crashes? The other flyers do a missing man formation?

Flying with someone is this kind of an area might be fun. Whereas flying from Topeka to Wichita would be BOREING!

Re: Flying through custom scenery

PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:47 pm
by Fozzer
Its worth remembering...
In Multiplayer, the scenery that you see on your screen, is ONLY your own installed scenery and computer settings, on your version of the flight sim, FS 2002/FS 2004/FSX.
The same goes for the Time of Day, and Time of year, and Weather conditions, every player will see something slightly different, unless you agree beforehand to set the same identical conditions!
Even the Airfields will be slightly different, depending upon the Flight Sim, default/installed Mesh Elevation, level of Scenery settings, etc...
The scenery that you see on your Monitor is only your own scenery!
Its still lots of fun though, and the flight will be somewhat similar for both pilots!

Paul...G-BPLF.... :mrgreen: ...!

P.S. The same goes for Aircraft. The Sim Multiplayer was designed to use the Default aircraft for all players. You will only see other Pilot's downloaded aircraft if you have exactly the same downloaded aircraft and textures in your hangar!.....BEWARE!... ;) ...!