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More Multiplaying with Mates!...

PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:38 am
by Fozzer
A very nice Multiplayer tour yesterday (Saturday) with a couple of flying friends, around Southern California; San Fransisco, Cal Central Valley, and Kern Valley..... :D ...!

Me using FSX, Jetprop using FSX, and Pilot using FS 2004.
All of us using the FS Host Flightsim Server:

Jetprop and myself use "FS Host Client" application to connect to the Server; and of course, Pilot's FS 2004 uses its internal direct connection method!
So all done very simply and instantly!...No problems!... :dance: ...!

Its a very wet, miserable Sunday at the moment, so a good excuse to fire up my FSX again, connect to multiplayer, pop over to California again, and see who's around!

Paul..G-BPLF.... :mrgreen: ...!

All the info you need to connect FSX to Multiplayer!...>>>