HJG "20th Anniversary" Website Update

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HJG "20th Anniversary" Website Update

Postby aerofoto » Thu May 14, 2020 5:40 pm

HJG "20TH Anniversary" Website Update

HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) has pleasure announcing its 3rd release for this 2020 FS year.

This year marks HJG's 20th anniversary of service to the international FS community ....

https://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thre ... rthday-hjg

This latest HJG website update is therefore a celebration of the groups passing over this significant marker beacon .... and is composed of some 93 "NEW" textures for it's B717-200, B727, B737, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, L-1011 TRISTAR, and MD-80/90 virtual flight line (for FS2004 and FSX) .... this release featuring operators from Africa, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Czechoslovakia, France, Ghana, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, the Federation Of Micronesia, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the USA, Venezuela, and Yugoslavia .... or what might otherwise better be described as .... "a virtual squadron composed of sked/non-sked PAX/freight and express type operators, resplendent in both definitive/period, recent/current, as well hybrid/logo jet and other celebratory liveries, some of which represent the greatest among the most classic/famous and rare operators in world civil aviation history dating from the mid 1960's until recent times".

In addition to this latest website HJG also posted notice of a "MINI RELEASE" on April 7th 2020 .... composed of a colorful selection of both "NEW" and "UPGRADED" PSA B727-100/-200 textures covering the 1960's, 70's, and 80's period .... but .... which wasn't announced outside it's own forum as follows ....

https://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thre ... april-2020

For further information concerning HJG's latest and 20th anniversary offerings please refer to today's following-linked forum announcement ....

https://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thre ... -14th-2020

HJG's located at the following web site address:


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