A message for Pete at Simviation

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A message for Pete at Simviation

Postby JackRiordan » Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:54 pm


I tried returning your email, but it kept returning it saying it couldn't send to the reply address. I wanted to let you know that those A318 (A320 Family Megapack) aircraft and panel.cfg files need to be revised. The "Project Airbus A318 Aircraft and Panel Config Update" needs to be removed, as I made a mistake in uploaded the wrong files that still included lines of code some addons, like precipitfx added. :doh: Some users will not have their effects show up if they do not have the addon. :shock:

The "Project Airbus A320 Family Megapack Updated Aircraft and Panel Config" needs to be renamed to ""Project Airbus A318 Aircraft and Panel Config Update", as it is the correct files. I included a readme in their explaining it, but maybe it was overlooked before they were added.

Also, the "FSX FPS Modified Files" should be removed, as it was replaced by my newer "Jackriordan's FPS Fix".

I apologize I didn't have my crap together when I uploaded those! I just want to make sure any users that download them are getting the best experience without any issues.
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Re: A message for Pete at Simviation

Postby pete » Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:39 am

Hi Jack
OK I have removed the 2 files as requested and renamed the A320 file as requested. :)

... & Thank you for your contribution 8-)
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