Rules (Guidelines) - Reminder

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Rules (Guidelines) - Reminder

Postby pete » Thu May 03, 2007 8:49 am

Hi & welcome to the Simviation forums, where you can communicate live with fellow flight simulator & aviation enthusiasts!

Please take a moment to read these guidelines. By acknowledging this information you will be in a better position to get what you want out of using these forums.

1. Please post messages in the appropriate forum. By targetting your post to the right viewers you will be more assured of getting a quick & respected answer.

2. Please refrain from using offensive language or a 'put down' attitude. Simviation is a friendly & 'good attitude' site! We have a reputation for positivity & helpfullness. If this does not appeal to you - take a hike now. :)

3. Please try to avoid negative criticism. This hobby is generously provided for by creative & talented people who generously donate their work for our enjoyment. Negative criticism makes designers quit. Positive feedback & encouragement drives them on to create more & improve!

4. Please do not post spam or the same message in multiple forums.

5. When requesting aircraft or other add-ons please search this site 1st.

6. Moderators have the complete authority to move, ban members, edit or remove posts they consider not appropriate for our forums. Bear this in mind.

7. Simviation forums must remain a friendly place to be ;). In order to maintain this positive atmosphere we may remove individuals who are aggressive to our other members.

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