ATS on Win10 - first impressions

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ATS on Win10 - first impressions

Postby Sinkrate » Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:01 am

Been haulin’ on ATS for a couple of days now, so here are my first impressions for anyone who may be interested.

First the bad news; it’s a poxy Steam game….BUMMER! I loathe Steam with a passion that words alone cannot describe. I bought it on DVD but still had to download it from Steam before I could play it. The download took about 20min on my olde worlde adsl broadband connection, so not as bad as some other Steam games.

Initially, you get California and Nevada maps with two truck makes; Pete & Ken. Apparently the Arizona map will be available as a free DLC when it is ready.

I installed it on Win 10 and had no problems whatsoever. Runs sweet as a nut with settings maxed out. Minimum system requirements = Win7 64bit, 2.4GHz dual core CPU, 4GB RAM, GeForce GTS 450 class graphics, 3GB storage. I don’t know how it would work on a 32bit OS; might give it a try when I get time.

Operation is very similar to ETS2 although, being a Steam game, you don’t have the same range of console commands. You can alter the time though, which I find very useful.

Scenery is very nice and easily up to the standard of ETS2. It’s obvious that a lot of work has gone into getting the fine details right; it even has tumbleweed that blows across the road out in the country. Towns are not as samey as ETS2 and AI drivers seem better behaved – except at traffic lights; there seems to be a fair number of amber gamblers about! Whether or not the scenery is representative of the real thing, I cannot say; needs someone who lives there to judge. It certainly has the character of the area, as far as TV portrayals can be believed.

Terrain and load effects are well modelled in the truck driving characteristics, and of course, realism parameters can be adjusted in the menu screens as with ETS2. I use a Logitech Driving force GT wheel, and had no trouble getting the game to recognise it.

I think the game is good value for money and certainly worth getting. Overall, I would give it a rating of 1/5. Had it not been for Steam, I would give it a firm 5/5!
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