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Postby Bubblehead » Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:26 pm

I am unable to find a combat sim game that would equal or better CFS1. CFS2 and 3 stunk. Would it be OK to reload CFS1 in a fairly powerful PC, that is, 3.2GHz, Radeon HD 5780, etc.?
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Re: CFS1

Postby H » Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:29 am

Why wouldn't it be OK? There shouldn't be a problem; although I haven't progressed beyond Windows XP, I've made WW2 Pacific, Korea and WW1 variations as well as a couple test variations (changed the cfs.exe name accordingly*) and all work with the parallel install.

* If one does this, it's best to copy the cfs.cfg from the first 'settings' complete install and rename it accordingly or else have to redo the settings again for the newly-named variation.

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