Payware Screenshot Forum Guidelines

Showcasing specific payware addon products. This forum is where the aim of the shot is payware products. Please upload images to Simviation before posting

Payware Screenshot Forum Guidelines

Postby Fly2e » Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:19 am


The Payware Screenshots Forum is for posting shots that show a specific payware product.
If you are posting screenshots that "promote" a Payware product, then this is the forum to post your shots in.
If you are posting shots that include Payware products, but your shots are mostly about your "Flying Experience",
then you are free to post them in the Simviation Screenshot Showcase Forum.

Payware Screenshot Showcase:
This post "shows off" or "promotes" a new Payware Product. It is not really the flying "experience", but more or less what the person purchased & where to get it.
Example of Payware Screenshot Showcase Forum Post.

Simviation's Guidelines On Uploading Images To This Site
Allowed Types: jpg, gif, png
Max size per file: 250kb.
Max size for all files combined: 1000kb (1mb)
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