Happy Colorado Day!

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Re: Happy Colorado Day!

Postby boromir125 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:17 pm

Colorado Day....I'd almost forgotten. I grew up in Denver, listened to John Denver, fell in love at Red Rocks and the list goes on...Love the drive from Denver west on I-70, Rocky Mountain Dragstrip and remember flying into Denver from the West.
The approach to Stapleton International was a nail biter. With luck, you were placed in a left hand pattern to land East to West. I remember the space shuttle landing there aboard the modified 747 and sitting on the end of the runways watching the traffic landing. As a kid, my dad flew often out of Denver, usually on the Connie or DC-6, and in those days, you could board (with the Captain's permission of course) and visit in the cockpit before take-off. Somehow, they always had wings to give their young visitors. Chain link fences was about the only thing separating the crowds from the planes...in those days, the Stewardess was at the foot of the boarding stairs checking tickets while the pilot and co-pilot performed their walk-around. My head has been in the clouds (figuratively speaking, of course) ever since. Denver has always been a nice place to call home.
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