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Becoming a Professional Pilot in the UK/Europe

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 6:59 am
by C
Over the past few months (and years) at SimV, numorous people have ask the question "How do I become and airline/military pilot". Being away from work for a while, and as one of the few "professional" pilots on the forum, I thought maybe it may be a time to put together a thread that gave useful links to this information, and current opportunities that exist, and could be left as a sticky and updated as required, particulary as and when things such as airline sponsorship opportunities change.

I'll start with an apology; it will initially concentrate on UK based, and then European based opportunities. I'm no expert on the US education system and the way most of their airlines recruit.

To be a professional pilot there are some pre-requisites. Most schools will require evidence that you will be able to cope with the academic requirements to pass groundschool exams and learn and retain a lot of information. Hence (in the UK), 5 GCSEs A-C (or equvalent) are normally a requirement. Airlines may naturally require, or give preference, to those with A Levels or higher too - hence A Levels are normally a requirement of a sponsored scheme.

You must also be able to pass a JAR Class 1 (Professional Pilot) Medical Examination. Although one of these is quite expensive (about

Re: Becoming a Professional Pilot - Updated

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:28 pm
by C
Flybe's Cabair pilot sponsorship scheme 2008 is now being advertised in the press and online.

They're looking for:

 *   Be able to demonstrate clear commitment, loyalty and a passion to fly.
   * Have the unrestricted right to work in the UK.
   * Have an absolute minimum of two A levels, to include Mathematics and Physics (or science based subjects)
   * Hold, or be capable of holding, a UK issued JAA Class 1 Medical Certificate.
   * Have no more than 60 hours of previous flying experience.

Well worth a shot if it's your kind of thing. :) One of the better schemes around.

Flybe Sponsorship 2008

Re: Becoming a Professional Pilot in the UK/Europe

PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:47 pm
by C
Copied from my other thread, but here for easy reference:

Etihad (International) Cadet Pilot Scheme

I saw this in Flight International today in a local newsagent, and it seems to be causing quite a stir at Prune.

Etihad of the UAE have announced a new cadet pilot scheme, which unlike others, and their own previous scheme, is open to foreign nationals.

So, for anyone considering a career in the airlines, and wanting to live a little differently yet fly immediately for one of the worlds growing carriers once qualified, this may be worth a look.

ETIHAD Cadet Pilot Programme

FlightGlobal: Etihad Launches Global Pilot Cadet Scheme