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Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 4:33 pm
by Fozzer
"Worlds Greatest Motorcycle Rides", on the TV "Travel Channel"...>>> ... E_5gMEyrcs

From John O' Groats in Scotland, to Lands End in Cornwall. A 1,200 mile overall trip for our intrepid Biker, Henry Cole on his 961 Norton Café Racer Twin..... ... racer.html !

Episode 1 Scotland, last week.

Tonight's Episode 2 was in my back yard...England!

Some marvellous rolling scenery, pretty little villages, but inter-spaced in places with by Motorways!

Very nice Biking on the back roads...with classic English roads, bordered in most places by hedges and stone walls, as usual!

Worlds greatest motorcycle rides?.... :think: ....
Me?....I still think I'd prefer a nice Route 66 desert trip on a comfy Harley Cruiser, from Albuquerque to Barstow, via Flagstaff, before entering the traffic chaos of San Bernardino and the Los Angeles Valley!
...and I suspect the weather will be somewhat warmer!.... :dance: ...!

I was going to go on a nice trip this afternoon, but a massive mid-day dinner, with far too many glasses of California Red consumed, soon put an end to that bright idea!.... :o ...!

May try again tomorrow...if I can put off eating.......and weather permitting!

Still reasonably warm outside...providing it doesn't rain.

Paul.... :mrgreen: ...!

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:46 pm
by Fozzer
TV Travel Channel: 31st October.

Route 66 revisited: Part 3.
With Henry Cole.
The final end, after a two-and-a-half-week journey, and 2,500 miles! ... FP8ksEyrcs

Tonight was the event I was eagerly waiting for!
The final Mother Road desert run from Gallup in New Mexico, through Arizona and California, to the end of the Route 66 journey in Santa Monica.
Wonderful scenery, wonderful stops, and wonderful folks to meet!

The end of the Desert, and the final run through the busy LA Valley, via San Bernardino on Highway 210, to end at the Will Rogers memorial, near the beach in Santa Monica.

All the routes I am very familiar with, with my daily Flight Sim explorations over many years!

Route 66 in the whole series, from Chicago to Santa Monica, is possibly my favourite motorcycle run in the USA, indeed in the whole World, which also includes Route 1 from San Francisco to LA.!

I close my eyes, and imagine I am travelling the same route on a big Harley Davidson Cruiser, with a few good mates and their wives/girlfriends for company!

Heaven on two-wheels!.... :dance: ...!

Paul... :mrgreen: ...!

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....WHERE HAVE I BEEN!!!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 5:46 pm
by stephan
For cryin' out loud ! WHERE HAVE I BEEN !!! Been loving Simviation for several years and NEVER knew this motorcycle forum was here! As a veteran of 5 motorcycle clubs,the last club being Vietnam Vets m/c chapter Z Ohio , I shoulda been livin' here! Gonna have to come back here and check out the comments when I get more time.Gotta run.

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:13 pm
by Fozzer
Hello Stephan!... :D ...!

Tell us a Bike story, together with some photos!.... :D ...!

Paul...Meep-meep.... :mrgreen: ...!

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:30 am
by stephan
Look up my Facebook by the name Steve Noah Justice.Look in the photos. As for the stories,I got many.Be back soon to tell a few.The other Facebook I have is under the name Edward Teach.Has my biker pic with 1%er superimposed in upper right corner of it.That's the FB with the most biker pics.Some of them are of the clubs I rode with.WAIT...maybe this will lead ya to the pics n save ya some searching. ... 321&type=3
I guess to view them,you need to have a FB account and have it opened.If you cant get to them explain to me how to paste pics here and I'll drop a few in here.

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:32 am
by stephan
Hmmm.I tried a few things to paste some pics here and it hasnt worked.I'll need your expertise in that direction.
But for a few stories,here goes...
When I was 7 years old,I was with my family in the car leaving the Cleveland Metro Parks,when the roar of motorcycles preceded their appearance by several minutes.Then,here they came.The Cleveland chapter of the Hells Angels were riding into the park.I was thrilled! What a sight for a little kid!
I knew then and there that was what I wanted to do.
Years passed.I Joined the Marine Corps...did my thing.Never was one for the mediocre life.I did things 'different' from what the Corps taught us,and I got excellent results.As a result,I was assigned a TAD job.I was sent to a small airbase.Funny that, when I got there,there was no aircraft.Not even a helo or av fuel.Nothing air basey.Just 2 warehouses surrounded by double row of fencing 8-10 feet tall,topped with three levels of concertina razor wire,and between the fence walls,2 guards,armed with shotguns loaded with flechettes and with them,two of the meanest German Shepards I ever saw.Long story short,the CIA had turned this place into a 'shop' to do their voodoo.I was now under their 'care' for a while,learning the ropes on how to create terror for the NVA. No more about that,except that when I finally did my time and was standing tall before the C.O. getting my discharge papers,I was offered a job with the CIA. Guess I made an impression.But,I declined.It was rumored that sometimes,they 'eliminate' their own,and I was having no part of that.
Having enjoyed the thrill of living so close to the edge of eternity,nothing in civilian life turned me on,so I joined a local outlaw motorcycle club in Ohio.The Devils Escorts m/c . After some time with them,I moved on and joined the Ghost Riders m/c , who were,at the time an bitc* club for the Outlaws m/c . I rode with them until another outlaw club shot us out of existence except for 6 of us.We retired for a year,then one day,one of the former members showed up at my house with a plan.We were to form an outlaw club,the Aryans m/c . So,we did.We didnt get permission from the other local outlaw clubs ( Hells Angels in Cleveland,...Outlaws in Sandusky or Dirt & Grime from Lorain.We just did it.Surprisingly,we weren't wiped out for taking such a brazen move.Rather,we had the blessings from Dirt & Grime m/c . We partied like fools.Then,I met a girl.Fell in love and married her.I quit the club because I didnt want her around the trouble and the gunfire that comes with the territory of the outlaw biker lifestyle.My club brothers were outraged that I would leave the club for a woman,but that was just the way it was. Six months later,Dirt & Grime and the Aryans were having friction because the Aryans were getting hippies in the club,rather than quality scooter tramps and Grime knew this.Bar fights became common place.One day,D&G called the Aryans and wanted to have a 'sit down' to see about ending the fights,thus preventing a possible war. When the Aryans agreed,..on the day the meeting was to take place,and the Aryans were leaving the club house,gunfire erupted.Dirt & Grime had sneaked into position with shotguns and rifles and ambushed the Aryans. They shot two Aryans and one of the ol' ladies as she stood in the upstairs window of the clubhouse to see what the commotion was about.She was pregnant.She lost her child. The police sat at the top of the hill from the clubhouse until the gunfire ended,THEN they bravely entered the scene.No charges were ever filed.No revenge took place.The Aryans simply folded and dropped their colors.A couple years later,the former members of the Aryans were approached by a couple nomads from The Avengers m/c about starting a chapter in northern Ohio. That story later,if you're interested ( edit...tried again to upload a pic.Not successful.I give up.Need your help.)

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:53 am
by Fozzer
Blimey, Stephan!... :o ....

And there's silly old me thinking the good-ol' U.S. of A. would be a nice place to tour the highways and byways amongst some amazing scenery....

...but, maybe it would not be a good idea to tangle with the Motorcycle Club members in and around the State of Ohio.... :shock: ...!

WOW!....It sounds rather dangerous to me, so I think I will avoid that area, in fear of my life!... :o ... :lol: ...!

I do rather enjoy watching the various visitors hiring the Harley Cruisers on You-Tube, and enjoying some quiet family exploration of the wonderful scenery in the South-western USA....somewhat similar to our Motorcycle tours over here...

..and not a single gun in sight!... :dance: ....!

Some of the Folks that I sometimes encounter during my bike rides in South Wales...>>>

A grand crowd, full of fun and laughter, comprising Blokes and their wives and girlfriends enjoying some grand ride-outs....
...and nary a gun in sight!... :lol: ...!

That's my sort of gentle Motorcycling!

Paul....Quietly Cruisin'.... :mrgreen: ...!

A rather wet, cold, and miserably day this Sunday, so I spent it indoors, in the the warmth, with some nice things to eat and drink!
...maybe again tomorrow?... :roll: ...!

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:38 pm
by stephan
Hahahaha... Brother Fozzer...the things I spoke of are almost exclusively reserved for folks living the outlaw scene. There are some great times for the casual group riders and the more civilized clubs.The last club I rode with was the Vietnam Vets m/c I was a member of it's chapter Z here in Ohio. In the 5 years I was a member with them,the only trouble I saw was if some drunk smacked some other bikers girl on the backside as she walked by.Then,the punishment dealt out was sudden,severe and then,that was the end of it.Mind you,the story I told was during the mid 70's. Now these days,it's usually the major hard core bike clubs that mix it up with gun play. Since the RICO act arrived here,it has put an abrupt halt to most of the stupidity between clubs.Even the major outlaw 1% clubs keep it rather low key. Still,there ARE the really bad eggs who,because of the year round good weather provides them the opportunity to be on the road a lot and they get into scraps more frequently and they are located in the lower states,particularly the lower western states. All in all,riding any where here in the US is still a great experience and those who look like thats all they are wanting seldom encounter trouble with the outlaw clubs.VERY seldom. It has been quite some time since I have heard of any trouble out in the open between outlaw clubs.Now,as far as guns are concerned,...yep...there are A LOT of guns here in the states. Almost every one I know,whether biker or basketball player has guns.But now,gunplay is almost always had by the 'hood rats' dealing their crack in the slum areas.And none of them screw with the bikers.It would be bad for their drug business and teeth arrangement. If you make it to the states,most Harley shops rent bikes and my friend,dont let my stories make you apprehensive. The things I spoke of almost never involve peaceful scenic seekers.You'd be more apt to get robbed in broad daylight in the city as to be involved in biker trouble these days.I saw these things because that was the lifestyle I chose in my younger days. Come on over ...ride and enjoy yourself! :D :auto-sportbike: You'd love it!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:03 am
by Fozzer
For all those, like me, who are still living in the distant past, I came across this, quite by accident, which shows motorcycle brochures of what are nowadays classed as "classic" motorcycles... :o ....

Relive your past boyhood memory with all your mates on a frantic 2-stroke?.....>>> ... .html~main

Click one of the red buttons in the list to show the past glories of motorcycling!

Paul.... :D ...!

How could we ever forget this little beauty?....Learner's Paradise!....>>> ... e_broc.jpg

Mine (FS1M) is still sleeping in my Shed, waiting to be resurrected !

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:52 am
by Shadowcaster
After 40+ cars and a couple of bikes this is the one I miss the most ... 0%2074.htm

Can still smell the 2 stroke.


Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 5:10 am
by Fozzer
shadowcaster wrote:After 40+ cars and a couple of bikes this is the one I miss the most ... 0%2074.htm

Can still smell the 2 stroke.


My present bundle of joy, Yamaha RX-S 100, which nestles together with my 1996 Honda CB500RR Twin.....>>> Image

...ready for instant use, every day, in any weather!...>>>


Paul......The smell of 2-Stroke and Castrol-R titivate the tonsils!.... :D...!

Wish list: Yamaha RD 350 and RD 400 Air-cooled twins!..... :pray: ...!

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:04 am
by stephan
I never had one,but the bike here in the states that is worth it's weight in gold,if one can find one is the Honda 305 Dream. Dont know why it is so collectible but it is.And rare as hen's teeth . Guess I'll always be a Harley junkie,but I have a soft spot in my heart and soul for the old Triumph 650cc Bonnie and TR6 ( I believe the TR6 was a single carb version of the Bonnie.) Had both and they could take a beating like a dirt bike and keep coming back for more. On the other end of the spectrum,I wouldnt use a BSA for a boat anchor. I liked the single carb Triumph 650 better than the twin carb because the twin carb was so hard to keep sync'd together.It took me a whiel to round up the tools to work the ol' Brit gal,but I got to know her well enough that I could tear her down at 7am,paint her...let her dry and reassemble her and be riding by dusk. Even put it together,tranny and all in a dark basement,very little light...went mainly by feel. She and I were one in the same. I knew her,and she performed for me like a dream.

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:40 am
by Fozzer
Talking about Brit Bikes....

...and thinking back now, about all the Brit bikes I have owned over the years, this was/is now my favourite....>>>

My 1958 BSA 650cc Super Rocket Café Racer...>>>

Ran it for a few years both solo and Sidecar, with all the family on/inside. An excellent bike with very few problems.
Also, thinking back, my most troublesome bike, was my 1948, 998cc, Series B/C (Vincent) HRD, .... ... s-history/ which gave me endless problems on the road, including its reluctance to start on the kick-starter due to poor sparks from the weak Magneto, and its preponderance to strip the gears in the timing case...not to mention all the excessive play in the Tappet Chamber...and just about everything else!.... :cry: ...!
There is no doubt that the Japanese Bikes which followed, were/are far superior, in every way imaginable, to all the old Brit Bikes; so never let nostalgia get in the way of making a Jap bike v Brit bike me!... :lol: ...!
They may have been rather annoying, from 1940 to 1945, but by heck, the Japs do know how to design, and make, some pretty fantastic Motorcycles!... :D ...!

Harley Davidsons are rather expensive over here, and I suspect that the more affordable, and just as good, Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaki/Honda vee-twin cruisers are just as good, and sometimes better?
At the mo', as an alternative to the Harley 1200 Sportster/48/72, I am on the look-out for a nice 250cc-650cc, 2000-2004 Yamaha XVS Dragstar Cruiser...(They are more familiar over your side as Star Motorcycles)...>>>

Ideal for we old-timers to stop racing around the World on our Super-bikes, and just lie back, (thinking furiously of England), and enjoy the countryside gently passing by!... :lol: ...!

I will still be cruising around the countryside this Winter, weather permitting, but I am looking forward to Spring and Summer arriving for some more enjoyable trips around the Herefordshire countryside...and wishing that I was on the Route 66 desert run from Albuquerque to Barstow instead!... ;) ...! >>>>

Dream-Time.... :lol: ...!

Paul..... :mrgreen: ...!

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:23 pm
by beaky
A belated report on my big moto tour... I might throw up a bunch of pics in the Photos forum; here I will just sort of recap.
After Huntsville, AL I hit the freeway and rode all day and into the night, arriving in New Orleans about 10 hours later. The speed limit was generally 70 mph on that route, but I took a lot of breaks and even got off onto lesser highways that paralleled the interstate, when I was bored.
Looking over the machine the next day, I found nothing wrong... front forks still leaking oil a bit, but no worse than before. Changed the oil during my one-week stay there, and it looked fine. A bit low in quantity, but that may be partly due to me not also changing the filter this time, and last time I may not have put enough oil in, as I had checked the level with the bike on its side stand. Coolant level was fine and it looked nice and clean.
But after all those hard miles, "Imoto" as I now call her ("little sister" in Japanese) had no new complaints.
Well, I never did get on a movie crew that week ( union politics; long story), but Steve put me to work on his house for cash- out in an attic ladder in the kitchen, put some gussets on the attic rafters, helped put up some siding, and helped him tidy up his backyard (full of building materials).
Made a few day trips in the French Quarter, and went out in the evening a few times. A motorcycle is ideal for negotiating the narrow old streets clogged with vehicle and foot traffic, and there's always a parking space for a motorcycle, but damn, are the streets rough! enormous potholes, gravel, sand, and of course cobblestones. But it was fun. At one point we even swapped machines- me on his BMW F650GS, which I liked, even though it seemed a bit too tall and "stiff" for me. His take on Imoto? "It's weird. But it's got a lot of power, and smoooth! I wanna take it onto the highway..." He never did, but maybe some day.
It turned out that Lakefront Airport was hosting its annual Air Power Expo that week... I had no idea until I heard the distinctive drone of four very large radials one day, and looked up to see "Fifi", the world's only flying B-29, cruising over the city at low level. Shot out there on the bike ASAP to check it out, and enjoyed that. Too bad I didn't have $500 handy to take a ride on the B-29, but what the hell, when it flew into KTEB once, I got to sit in the left seat when it was parked on the ramp...

Anyhoo... soon enough it was time to head home... took a slightly different route, this time hauling ass up to the Talladega Nat'l forest in Alabama to camp the first night. I was surprised to discover when I arrived after a hard day of riding, that the road from the highway to the campground was about 12 miles of hard-packed dirt and gravel, winding over hills deep into the forest. That went well, but I was very nervous, what with my street tires and the top-heavy load. Came upon a different campsite, only 7 miles in, and realized that pressing on to the north would be useless, as there would be another 20 miles of even twistier-looking gravel beyond that for the next days' ride. So I opted for this closer site, planning to double back in the morning then get back on the interstate.
Morning arrived with torrential rain... I had to use the daylight, so no waiting for it to slack off. Broke camp, packed, and rode out of the forest in a deluge. Fortunately the dirt road was still firm, and not washed out anywhere.

Left the rain behind somewhere in Georgia, kept the hammer down, and eventually arrived at Linville Falls Campground, back on my beloved Blue Ridge Parkway. Still quite early, so I had a liesurely time of making camp, finding firewood, and preparing my one fancy camp meal of the trip: a big steak with wild rice and broccoli. Sat up stargazing for a while, then turned in.
Next morning there was frost on everything, so the tent got wet all over again... sigh. But the road was dry, my planned days' ride was short, and it became a glorious sunny fall day. Headed north on the BRP to Grandfather Mountain,where there is a steep switchback road to the top, and foot access to its mile-high summit. That was worth an hour or so... beautiful!
Camped at Peaks of Otter, about 80 miles from the north end of the parkway, then rode the rest of it in the morning, including the 40+ miles I had negotiated in the dark on my way down...
When you leave the BRP northbound, you go over an overpass, and boom! there''s the gate for Skyline Drive, which winds unimpeded for 115 miles through the Shenandoah park. Paid the $10 fee and had at it, as the sky turned overcast. I decided to just keep on going that day, as it would be no problem arriving home after dark. Made it home without incident almost 12 hours later, road-weary and dazed, and pretty sad it was over. Imoto seemed sad, too, when I shut her down and pulled off the heavy load. Lucky for both of us, the truck still needed work, so the very next morning we had a nice ride to the post office in the pouring rain... :D

Re: Motorcyclists Corner.....

PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:56 pm
by Anthindelahunt
Had various bikes over the years but my most loved steed
was a Yamaha SR-500 single. Reliable,handled really well and
looked like a 1950's English bike. I loved that "Thumper". Had
a nice cheat. Valve Lifter.

Have not rode for some years.

Thanks guys for the memories.