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payware scenery woes

Postby Pipercub » Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:59 pm

I purchased Florida COMPLETE state photo real from downloaded and installed it. I started flying and it looked great. Then I got to central Florida and no photo scenery. I checked the scenery files and noted that the main central Florida scenery file did not extract. I tried again and again, same result. I tried to contact RWS that has no posted e-mail address. the website has no [contact us] in their menu bar. I had to reply on my sales receipt to contact RWS.I explained that I believe that file is corrupt. RWS responded with, The file must be corrupting when I download it, even though I had no trouble with the other 100 files.Then RWS said try downloading it this way,then another way and then another way.I thought this crazy, but I did it any way. I downloaded this file at least 8 times , with the same result, CORRUPT. winRAR could not open it, analyzed as[archive cannot be opened archive is corrupt]. I explained this to RWS, their reply was{did you try downloading it this way} RWS refuses to admit that this file is corrupt.They refuse to take any blame nor do they care.I have been downloading and installing dozens of payware for for over 20 years, with no problems with downloads and installs untill now.
My questions are: Has anybody else tried to download this title? Has anybody else heard of files going corrupt when you download them? In 30 years of computer work, I have not. When you download a file and it is corrupt, IT is because it is already corrupt.
Thanks in advance for your replies.
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