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NOTICE about the TFDI Design 717 Payware !

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:13 am
by Jetranger
Posting this here in the PREPAR 3D Forum board for others to read and get information from,,, so its clearly out there and I'm also including QUOTES from other Sim Pilots of the TFDI Designs 717 Jetliner - which is - PAYWARE ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, I'm just discovering this BIG TIME issue by pure accident , stumbling across it and I want to be sure to make others aware - something very wrong here, NOT sure what it is , but I have a feeling,,,, its Duck - Cover & Run !!!!

What I'm finding out is that Sim Pilots who use PREPAR 3D V.4 and have the TFDI 717 installed (only that Aircraft) seem to be experiencing Major CTD's upon changing view points in the cockpit of the 717 Aircraft , more than 1 or 2 pilots and evidently from what the other sim pilots are saying,,,,,,, is that there is NO WORD at all the last several months from the Developer of the TFDI 717, which is leading the Sim Pilots to wonder ,,,,, did TFDI Designs suddenly take off on everybody ~ leaving many stranded with a "NON - FUNCTIONAL" Payware Aircraft ?????????

Upon investigation of their Forum Boards, doesn't seem to be much activity from the Developer (TFDI) or a whole lot of users ??????

With that in mind - this is a "PAYWARE" Aircraft, that Sim Pilots paid : TFDi Design 717 Software $59.99 USD / basically a whopping $60.00 US Dollars for and are finding out they "CAN'T" Fly it in PREPAR 3D V.4 ??????

I don't wanna see any Sim Pilots get Suckerd, and out $60.00 for something they find out they can't even use and then have a difficult time trying to get a refund ~ !!!!!!

Evidently from reading the other posts on the their Forum Board, Sim Pilots are becoming Agitated and Angry , But I'll let you all read some of the posts what they have to say about and post a LINK to the FORUM !!!

Quotes from other Sim Pilots on the TFDI 717 Jetliner :

It's unprecedented IMO, that a "Developer" has been so "Quiet" in the forums regarding any kind of issue.
It's almost like a "Ghost Town" in here.
It's very "strange" that the "Developers" have "not responded" at all, I recall maybe one thread somewhere with respect to the CTD issue, indicating that it was an LM issue.
Maybe they are passing the Buck, maybe not.
It's like the "Developers" are laying low, in hopes that the problem will go away on it's own.
I hope they are not going to "fold up camp" and just "sail off into the sunset".
I am concerned, because it was one of my favorite planes to jump into and do quick regional flight. I am over reacting I guess, and I do hope the Developers really do care about this issue, don't they?


What I cannot understand, is why TFDi is so "passive" about this?
If this is indeed LM's fault, then give us more technical details, so we can press LM with facts on their own forums.
Or, if you are unsure on who's to blame, create a debug tool (like QualityWings did for their 787) and collect all the data you want from those affected by CDTs. "We cannot reproduce it" is not an answer.


Agreed, an elaborate statement on Tfdi's part is long overdue !!!!!!


Totally understand and agree with your argumentations. But, as a matter of fact, "TFDi" obviously is "NOT willing" or able to fix this problem.

So, to get the 717 running, we only can help ourself and can give solutions further to others.

I also do not believe that all buyers are having the same problem as, regarding the downloaded numbers of repaints, there must be thousands

of copies been sold and compared with the number of posters here there might be a big silent majority.

*** It also does not help anybody that other aircraft are running fine. "This plane does not", and if I want to fly it I have to find solutions ***


Ok, I guess I'll made myself to the list- getting constand CTDs when switching views... the first CTD I didn't even switch views, I simply panned around the cockpit.


I usually keep away from such emotional statements, but this time I will let myself make it.

Either I am unlucky with this plane or something is "definitely wrong here".
Seeing it now being sold at simMarket, my guess is - it is no longer in beta and is a fully working product?
Then "pity I cannot use it" just like I can use my other planes (e.g. FSL A320, MJS Q400 or PMDG 737).

One year ago, in December 2017, I "wasn't able to use it" due to disappearing displays and "CTD's" on view change.
While the first problem seems to have been fixed by the LM team themselves, the other wasn't, so I stopped flying the 717, because it was way too frustrating.

Now, after a year's break, I heard about a huge 717 update, so I decided to give it a try. And again a "failure" - selecting the 717 in P3D I got an "instant CTD" each time.
However something was fixed in that matter a day or two later and another interim version was out and voilla - no CTD on aircraft selection.

So, full of joy and hopes I prepared my first flight.
As I am a GSXL2 user, I decided to have a look at my pax boarding and when trying to return to the VC, I ... "got a CTD" again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A day later I thought 'Okay, let's try one more time'. I prepared another flight - this time I didn't watch boarding as I was too scared (is it normal?).
After a successful takeoff, I couldn't resist to have a short wing view. While trying to return to the VC view... I "got another CTD" (without any error report, as usual).

At this moment I am done with this plane. (TFDI 717)

Before someone says there is something wrong with my system - no, I don't think so.

I take good care of it and I fly quite a lot with a few different planes, watch boardings, change views and never ever have any kind of CTD.

For instance in 2018 I made around 100 flights with FSL A320, 50 with PMDG 737, 20 with Q400 and some more with other aircraft and had "z-e-r-o CTD's".

It's a pity. I did believe in the potential of this product, but I think I have finally lost my belief.

Blue skies!

within my system (hardware settings included).

About the unacceptable behaviour of the developers everything has already been said. We only can keep it in mind.


LINK to this FORUM :




Re: NOTICE about the TFDI Design 717 Payware !

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:31 am
by Jetranger
LOOKS like a Nice Aircraft to me,, too badd the Developer doesn't want to FIX the issues nor make any statements about any upcoming updates to address the problems that Many Sim Pilots are having with their TFDI 717, especially after forking out $60.00 US Dollars ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody else here on Simviation or anywhere else having similar issues ???????

Please feel free to post so others will know !!!

Maybe this is one of those "Gimmic Planes" , lotta "Flash & Dash" and fancy looking "HYPE" to take your MONEY,,,,, and later on',,, see ya'lll good luck contacting us, they took off to BORA BORA and are sippin' Martini's on the beach and laughing all the way to the Bank with YOUR MONEY :) :shock: :evil:

Re: NOTICE about the TFDI Design 717 Payware !

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:07 am
by Jetranger
Comment from December of 2018 from another TFDI 717 Sim Pilot

" To be honest the "lack of statement" from TFDI and "vague promises" regarding the "view-change CTD" is worrisome.

In my opinion, having read all the real world 717 manuals, the TFDI 717 is a really great simulation of said plane, all the major systems behave as they should, the engine start sequence was fixed in the latest update as well, it looks better than anything else on the market right now,

animations are great, sounds are excellent and the flight model is believable - even though it's the default P3D/FSX one.

The LNAV and PROF is also some of the best I've seen in flightsim so far, it tracks the pre-programmed routes and procedures beautifully and never got me in any trouble so far.

The only thing that is a pretty "big bummer are said CTD's".

I have kind of accepted the fact that it is a VC only aircraft and flew it that way for a while, until "I got a CTD" in cruise when I minimized P3D to do something else (something I do without any problems with other addons).

I also found that using the addon manager to set payloads etc. is amplifying my chances of getting a CTD for some reason.

Without it I've often been able to switch views without any problems.

With that being said, dear TFDI team, if you can get this plane stable and "solve all these CTD" issues everyone keeps having then you'll have one of the best, if not the best, regional jet on the market right now. Solving said CTD should be a number one priority !!!!!

Heres a YOU TUBE Video I found from 2 years (2016) ago showing issues with CTD / Crash to Desk Top tho users are experiencing different reasons for CTD's ?????

Yet here it is Spring 2019 and evidently the Developer isn't or hasn't issued a FIX or much of a statement for their $60.00 Dollar Aircraft ??????

I'd advise Sim Pilots to stay away from this and all the "Frustrations" and Anger , its NOT worth it , find some other Aircraft !!!