Sud Caravelle Vintage Jetliner to be Developed !

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Sud Caravelle Vintage Jetliner to be Developed !

Postby Jetranger » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:25 am


News is the SUD Caravelle , Vintage Jetliner is to be Developed !!!

Being Developed by , Aeroplane Heaven with some help from the in house Just Flight Team.

If it by Aeroplane Heaven it'll be a fairly good product, from my own experience .

Unlike, in the past with Black Box simulations who did a rush job on the 2007 released Lockheed Constellation Connie, with 1/4 passenger interior and NO Windows on 1 side and tons of other issues. as well as a fairly cartoonish cockpit ,,,,,,,,

which was sold thru Just Flight, developed by Black Box Simulations, who thru the years have more less dropped off the Flight Sim Radar all together,,,,,,,,,,,

The News Release on the Sud Caravelle here :

Aeroplane Heaven web site here :

MY Recent VIDEO on riding as a passenger in the HJG Group Sud Caravelle Vintage Jetliner :

Flight Simmers custom made home made Sud Caravelle Flight Simulator using a REAL Jet cockpit :
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Re: Sud Caravelle Vintage Jetliner to be Developed !

Postby FlexibleFlier » Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:27 am

Very exciting!

Way back in 1968 I was a copilot with Eastern Air Lines. On a ski trip to Europe I was invited to sit in the jumpseat on a Swissair Caravelle flying into Zurich. 'Twas a dark and stormy night and the 2-man crew did a superb job, although differently than we were doing it in the States at that time; e.g., the pilot not flying took the controls for the landing upon getting the runway in sight. Also interestingly, the Caravelle wing spoilers were perforated and were effective but not aggressive; the crew extended them just before a feather-soft touchdown rather than after touchdown as is more common practice on large airplanes.

I seldom fly jets in FSX but this will be fun...
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Re: Sud Caravelle Vintage Jetliner to be Developed !

Postby Anthindelahunt » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:35 pm

Great news.An airliner that was a long time coming. :clap:

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Re: Sud Caravelle Vintage Jetliner to be Developed !

Postby Flacke » Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:12 pm

In 1972 I flew from Madrid to Palma De Majorca on a beautiful Caravelle. I was impressed by its stunning full leather-lined interior and seats. The Boeings that I was used to with the beige plastic side panels and fabric seats did not compare well at all. The build quality of the airplane was apparent as well. It was like a flying BMW and as a Pilot I really wish that I could have done the trip in the jumpseat. It will be nice to fly one in the Sim.
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Re: Sud Caravelle Vintage Jetliner to be Developed !

Postby Hawkeye07 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:14 am

The SUD Caravelle will certainly be a great addition to the classic airliners stable. I just wish Aeroplane Heaven would hurry up and release the P-47. :pray:

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