New SR-71 for P3D V5 and FSX

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New SR-71 for P3D V5 and FSX

Postby Glowingheat » Fri Jan 13, 2023 9:23 am

I've finally released a new SR-71A Blackbird - designed with P3D V5.3 in mind, it's also compatible with FSX and P3D V4.5. Simmarket and Justflight currently.

For more info:

One of the 18 liveries

Ready for go

The mighty P&W J58 engine

Pilots Cockpit

RSO Cockpit

    Authentic flight model based around the SR-71 pilots manual
    Working TEB counters - 16 shots of TEB providing only 16 uses of afterburner per engine - don’t waste them or its a long slow flight home! (This requires XMLtools for your sim version).
    Drooping Elevons on Hydraulic pressure loss
    Fuel transfer & Centre of Gravity control panel
    Fully independent VC night lighting (panel lights and flood lights
    with adjustable intensity gauge lights)
    Automatic and Manual Engine inlet Spike control system
    Independent engine controls and afterburners
    Afterburner effects
    Full tank leak effects in flight
    Crew access ladder (on parking brake)
    Engine Start Carts (from the Ground Equipment panel - Shift-6)
    Brake cooling fans (parking brake, Spoiler and fuel above 30%)
    Fuel dump switch with cut-off at 10% remaining
    Anti-skid brake switch
    Air refuelling receptacle switch
    Animated pop-out anti-collision lights with multiple settings
    Fully Mach 3+ and 80,000+ feet capable
    Realistic undercarriage with authentic retraction sequence
    Pilot and RSO Virtual Cockpit (Shift-A and A to cycle)
    Afterburner free floating exhaust petal animation
    Animated engine tertiary doors at Mach 1.5
    Drag chute movement based on Alpha and Beta values (spoiler)
    Prepar3d V5 only downwards Viewsight
    Prepar3d V5 only ground radar
    Prepar3d V5 PBR textures
    VC rain effects on canopy glass
    See the Prepar3d/FSX world at 30 miles per minute!
Ground hog
Ground hog
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Re: New SR-71 for P3D V5 and FSX

Postby glidebank » Wed Mar 29, 2023 10:09 am

Cool shots :clap:
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Ground hog
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