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Addon Aircraft Throttle Problem In FS98 Query

PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:06 pm
by eddywinch82
I have recently been playing Flight Sim 98, for a bit of nostalgia, running it in Windows 98 in the program VMware in my Windows 7 64 bit. However I recently bought the RAF 2000 payware Addon pack for FS98. And whilst most of the Aircraft work, I am having problems with a few a few of them. Two of those Aircraft that I am having problems with, are the Hawker Hart and Hind. I create a flight, and select the Plane and Airport, It loads all views are there including the instrument Panel. And the propellor is turning and I have the sound, however when I apply power even full power, with the brake off, the Sound remains the same and the plane remains stationary, I am not sure which other Aircraft that applys to, the throttle quadrant shows the lever going up. But the Aircraft doesn't move, no matter what power setting I use. Could anyone on this forum suggest to me what is causing the problem, and how I can fix it ? Any help and information from somebody, would be much appreciated.

Re: Addon Aircraft Throttle Problem In FS98 Query

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:20 am
by H
Windows 7 seems to take issue with joysticks: with CFS1, I had problems with my Saitech and modified µsoft Sidewinder joysticks; I had to keep trigger "1" engaged (screwed it in place) on the Saitech, using other buttons for weapons control, and the Sidewinder would cut off the elevator control during flight. My Logitech 3D Pro has worked fine -- so far.
Also, check your key assignments to see if a key has been assigned for joystick on/off (mine had the "j" assigned to it); if that key gets accidentally tapped you won't have joystick control in any session until it's tapped again.


Re: Addon Aircraft Throttle Problem In FS98 Query

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:42 am
by eddywinch82
Hi H, Many thanks for your reply to this Thread of mine, with your excellent suggestions of how to solve the problem, it's much appreciated. I managed to solve the problem, I was having with the Payware Aircraft in Flight Sim 98 a while back. It was a problem with the .air files, I know that because I swapped the .air Files from the problem Aircraft with ones from as close matching Freeware Aircraft, i.e. the same model and mark number if possible, I could find on the internet, to the payware ones. And now the Aircraft fly and respond to throttle inputs. I don't use a Joystick for Playing FS2004, I just use my Keyboard at the moment. I may invest in a Joystick soon though, for added Realism in FS2004. Best Regards Eddie ^-^