Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Cats

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Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Cats

Postby B0ikat » Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:51 pm

Review: Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker

There are two ways to wrap things up:

1> Nice and neat with wrapping paper, ribbons and bows.

2> Toss everything in a large brown paper bag, use plenty of masking tape, and give it a good shake before delivery.

SW:RoS was the latter. The movie did tie up loose ends and finished the sage, but it seems to me that it did so in a slapped together and hurried manor. It's almost like they said, "Okay, lets finish this up and be done with it."

For the "Artsy-Fartsy" among us:

Cats: There are three ways to watch the movie "Cats"

1> Understand it's a movie based upon the stage musical based upon a book of whimsical poems about cats with a very thin plot (A special tribe of cats come together once a year where one is chosen to be reborn into a new life.) Nothing deep, no story arch or structure, no grand sage. Just dance, music and singing. That's all, nothing more. If you want to see the movie, that's all you need to keep in mind, and you will enjoy it

That said, compared to the stage version, they muffed up only one of the stage version songs (Mungojerry and Rumpleteaser), but the rest were pretty good to great. The Skimbleshanks was converted to a good old tap-dance routine and came off better than the stage version, IMPO. Jenifer Hudson hit "Memories" with a sledge-hammer (in a good way)!

2> If you are looking for any kind of linear story line, forget it. There is none except in the very broadest sense.

3> And lastly, to paraphrase a character from the "Firefly" series, "So, this is what it's like to go insane!" If not insane, then "So, this is what it's like to trip on LSD while watching a National Geographic special about alley cats!"

In years to come, people will stuff those little bottles of whisky in their pockets, walk past the midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", check over their shoulder to see if anyone is watching, and duck into the theater showing "Cats", get blasted, an giggle for about two hours or so, then call a cab or stagger home wondering "What the hell did I just watch?!"
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