Going 58 in a 65

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Re: Going 58 in a 65

Postby Capt.Propwash » Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:56 am

I don't think anyone has read the article properly.

As far as the cop is concerned the  guy was done  for 58 in a marked 50 zone, not in the 65 zone which started a few yards further on.
There is no mention of what lane the speed was being done in .... and there doesn't seem to be any mention of obstructing other traffic.

The question seems to be whether the stop was for doing 58 in a 50 zone .... or 58 in a 55 zone.

58 in a 50 = fair cop
58 in a 55 = rather harsh and impossible to prove as most cars speedos read up to 10% over the actual road speed.

from the start of the 2nd paragraph:
the speed limit is 55 and I was pulled over by a Maryland State trooper," Bonstrom said. "When I asked him why, he said I was going too slow and issued me an $80 ticket for going 58 in a 65

being that the speed limit is 55 on that interstate, and cop said he was doing 58...... seems to reason that he was only doing 3 miles an hour over the Limit (which is the Maximum LEGAL speed for that highway) since he pulled over a few yards IN FRONT OF the 65 mph sign.   Now if he truely was in the 65 mph zone, then the cop is correct - somewhat.  What is TRUELY not mentioned is the LEGAL MINIMUM speed for safe traveling on that highway.

The SPEED LIMITS are not "AVERAGES".  They are speeds set as a MAXIMUM and MINIMUM safe traveling speed.  If your interstate speed limit is 75 and you are doing 77.... then you are TECHNICALLY speeding and a cop CAN give you a ticket for it.   But most WONT write you a citation because when driving your speed may flucuate +/- 5 mph at any given time.    

General Rule:: SLOWER A-HOLES KEEP RIGHT!!!!!!!! If you can not / do not want to drive the 75mph, get your arse in the FAR RIGHT LANE!!!!!! 75mph is the maximum speed for ALL lanes, not just the right, middle, left, car pool... whatever... its the ENTIRE HIGHWAY.   You are "supposed" to travel between 45mph (posted minumum) and 75mph (posted maximum).   if you go OVER the 75 and blow by a cop doing 84 thinking you are safe in the 10mph window...... I just hope he's having a good day enjoying his doughnut and coffee while he hides in the trees, otherwise you are sure to get a ticket.  
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Re: Going 58 in a 65

Postby Brando14100 » Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:42 am

I've added a poll.



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