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Postby H » Wed May 29, 2019 12:11 pm

B0ikat wrote:I love... the Marvel movies. From the first Ironman movie to The Avengers: Endgame.
I read various comic books, mostly DC (anyone recall J'onn J'onz, if I've spelled correctly) and Marvel, starting early in grade school. I do, therefore, occasionally buy DVDs of these; not entirely because I may be in a situation with no internet, I tend to shun Blu Ray (and my old non-computer players have no internet capability to initiate them). My television is only used as a monitor (not to be confused with a minotaur — although the head's up is that some of what's displayed could be seen as bull). Much of my DVDs are of TV series from the previous century.
I, too, see things taken to the extreme. When my main job was the repair of early generation commercial video games, one of the worst that comes to mind is Mortal Combat: the battle is over, she's lost, but the game resorts to a scene of her arms being torn off and blood spewing from her dismembered shoulders — asinine overkill! Now we have movies with more gore and quite explicit sex scenes (as if we don't have imaginations of our own to fill in a scene if it had been abruptly faded out); I've frequently said that " if it isn't good for a six-year-old to watch, then I probably shouldn't " — so it quite annoys me that a six-year-old can often purchase these shows as if they were all what used to be G-rated; for profit and gain, sell it to everyone without restriction even if it assists in desensitization and, as well, aid the predators who've been lobbying for decades to remove age restrictions (Sinkrate, perhaps the plot of the show isn't in its storyline).
According to tests, my eyesight is being impaired by cataracts but my hearing is still good. Still, the background music is sometimes louder than it should be. Unfortunately, in a reversal, reality is beginning to copy movies with its own background [often cacaphonic] music as a car goes by and the whole ground and buildings shake. The days when the main background music of an early morning rural walk was the chirps of birds and the rustle of leaves in the breeze may eventually be totally drowned out.

Hawkeye07 wrote:"But who prays for Satan..."
-- Samuel Langhorne Clemens, aka Mark Twain
I have — although I can't speak for those of the centuries Clemens mentions and I query his use of the term humanity — and it seems to piss Satan off.

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