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Space stuff...

Postby Fozzer » Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:37 pm

I love following all this "Space Stuff" on the News and the Internet.

As simple Sim Pilots and Motorcyclists, it gives us some idea just how big/massive/enormous the Universe is...
... how far away everything is, speed, and how long it takes to get anywhere!

Ultima Thule is the same length as the distance (21 miles) from my Town of Hereford, (England), to Abergavenny, (Wales), during my Sunday Motorcycle rides to meet up with the fellow Motorcyclists!

Ultima Thule crashing into the route taken on my journey would result in a necessary by-pass being created to lengthen my journey!

There is a lot of stuff above us, so always wear a Safety Helmet when going outdoors!

More exciting Space Stuff to come!.... :dance: ....!

Paul.... :D...!
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