New Years Resolutions..

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New Years Resolutions..

Postby B0ikat » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:18 pm

It's a tradition that goes way back: Make yourself a promise that this year you will do "X", then promptly fail. Or not...

Here's mine:
Due to a stroke of luck I'm selling a small piece of land, and will use the money to pay off several "payday" loans and a hospital bill.

Resolution: No more fracking payday loans. Ever! PDLs are a racket. Seriously. Don't get suckered.

Next: Save, save, save, save! Build up my savings account so I can't be blindsided with unexpected expenses! Especially if those unexpected expenses are not my unexpected expenses. I learned the hard way that some people never learn to not bite the hand that feeds them, and more importantly, I have to learn to not keep holding my hand out so it can be bit. That never pays off.

Morel mushrooms: I will not be denied! I haven't tasted nice, fresh, and freshly fried, morel mushrooms in over 40 years. Forty years! This year I am going to get some even if I have to HALO on to the old farm I grew up on, at night, and hunt them with night vision goggles! But I also have to avoid having to also arrange for a night extraction for a hot LZ. The old farm was bought by (ahem) hillbillies that seem to think "strangers" (Even if they grew up there) are revenuers or DEA agents. Makes me wonder what they are growing or distilling in the woods nowadays. (If there's anyone around Simviation from the Rolla MO area, let me know if you know of a good 'shrooming area, and I'll split my harvest 50/50!)

A new Kick Butt Take Names Gaming Computer next fall. VR capable, the works. The kind of computer that makes other people ask, "Why?" To which I will reply with a smirk, "Why not?" Not that I'm usually a smirky kind of guy, but what the heck, just this once...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to take a lie-down and let the catnip tea wear off! Weee!!!!
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Re: New Years Resolutions..

Postby A Hobbit » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:09 pm

Those were pure quotes of wisdom, truly brought a to my eye... Now my turn...

I will be more tolerant with "others" no matter how stupid "they" may be. Nor will I look down my nose at "those" whom look down on me.

I will forgive those who might have wronged me in the past and do my very best to let shyte slide off my back like a duck.

I have ceased using profanity (in front of my yr old grand daughter), especially the "F" word.

And I will do my very best to show love and respect to all men, unless of course, they are ignorant, knuckle dragging mouth breathers that truly need to know all their faults in painful detail.
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