Clouding the Mind...

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Clouding the Mind...

Postby Fozzer » Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:36 pm

Every time a see those fantastic Shots in the Graphic Gallery, posted by many of our VFR Pilots, heading for those beautiful, towering Cumulus Clouds ahead, with a big smile on their faces...

..I am constantly reminded of this video...>>>

178 seconds to live

Clouds always worry me... ;)...!

Paul... 8-)...!
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Re: Clouding the Mind...

Postby Flying Trucker » Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:02 pm

Hi Paul... :)

Wonderful video, have seen that and a few more like it over the last six or so decades of terrifying puffy wuffies in my aeroplanes... ;D

I know why you posted the Link and what a great idea.

It does not take long for a licenced non instrument rated aviator to get themselves into a heap of trouble by not following the basics and what was drummed into them by their flying instructors.

(1) Check the weather
(2) Check the weather again... ;)
(3) Stay away from puffy wuffies

With three log books full of memories I have my share of Instrument Time, Night Flying and Pure Boredom.

I preached Training and Education, which, if you do both wisely most aviators will live long enough to get Experience... ;)

I used to tell students:

You are better off down here
Wishing you were up there
Than up there
Wishing you were down here

My advice to Private Pilots is get yourself an Instrument Rating and five (5) or more hours of aerobatics with an instructor, it is not money wasted.

Now, having typed all of the above Paul, I did enjoy flying in instrument conditions.

(1) Listening to the ice fly off the two or four props and
     hitting the side of the aircraft...
(2) Watching the Vertical Speed Indicator go up and down
     like a yo-yo
(3) Feeling the pressure on the control yoke as I guided
     my trusty steed on our course
(4) Watching the snow/ice build up on the windscreen until
     you can't see out
(5) Watching the lightning along the route and the rain,
     yes the rain could sound at times like a hundred
(6) Probably one of the most important, observing your
     new First Officer become a student again... ;D
(7 Yes I do miss talking with those GCA (Ground Control
    Approach) Controllers...gosh it was alway me that
    bought the beer I think... ;D

Yes some fond memories Paul... ;)

Again Paul, wonderful Link which you could have put in the Real Aviation Forum also I think. the other Doug... ;D
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Cheers...Happy Landings...Doug
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Re: Clouding the Mind...

Postby Strategic Retreat » Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:06 pm

Remembers me of one of my first flights with X-plane (at the times it was the V8, like an engine :D) with a just downloaded Extra 400 somewhere in the USA (can't remember exactly where, but in the mountains almost sure). The weather of X-plane with its clouds capable of projecting shadows was bleak and leaden, but I thought, "What the heck of difference do you want it to have compared to FS I will dance a little an that'll be it". And took off. :D

Oh, what a fateful decision was that. Unknowingly I entered the lower part of a, I discovered posthumously, MASSIVELY TOWERING CUMULONIMBUS stationing over the airport (maybe had to make some fuel to continue its flight)... and soon I hadn't even the time to begin understanding what was happening that my simulated plane was lynched by baseball balls-sized pieces of ice. The windshield was torn apart and soon, all too soon, I was directed nose-first in a unrecoverable spin towards the unforgiving ground that claimed my life. And I was still so young at the time. ;D

Since it was a simulator I underestimated that time, I got better, so don't be worried about me. It only took a key being pressed. ;)

On a simulator. Only. :-X
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Re: Clouding the Mind...

Postby tommchowat » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:15 pm

Great video there.
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Re: Clouding the Mind...

Postby Stewy44 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:52 am

That's imposible - we're on instruments! :)

FS9 - the only way you can fly a 747 while drinking beer
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Re: Clouding the Mind...

Postby BE58D » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:59 am

Nothing like loss of situational awareness.  Had it happen to me the 1st time I flew under the hood, luckily we were at 9,000 feet over flat land! You don't feel it... luckily my instructor pointed out that we were in a descending right 45 degree bank!!! He was in the pilot seat, so my view of the instruments weren't that good.  :-/
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