Ode to MS Flop.. er.. Flight

The latest and discontinued 'Flight' Game from Microsoft -

Ode to MS Flop.. er.. Flight

Postby Boikat » Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:08 am

Ode to MS Flop..er.. Flight (V2.0)

MS embarked on a grand new vision
But made a mistake in their development decision.

Instead of a franchise based on flight simulation
They went for a Game based on a bit of aviation.

Though the advance PR did seem to impress
it was without regard to their past success.

Freeware addon makers, they chose to ignore
Want new aircraft? See the Microsoft Store!

Window Live was the path they chose
and now, Flight's hanger door shall close

Given the feedback posted here,
I shall not weep one single tear.
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Re: Ode to MS Flop.. er.. Flight

Postby jime59 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:39 pm

Trying to go proprietary was a major no-no for MS. There's too many exceptional 3rd party addons to just toss them to the wayside. Greed is running rampant these days.
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Re: Ode to MS Flop.. er.. Flight

Postby Strategic Retreat » Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:10 am

Greed is running rampant these days.

Pointless, brainless greed, I might add.

I mean... were they venturing in a never before explored market slice, then the idea could have had some merits...

I mean, look at Apple and their i-Thing. When they started there was none, they were alone, and going proprietary could be understood. Not a nice thing to do, but for a worshiper of the God $ to drown some kittens in exchange of money agreeable is NOT, but understandable yes.

But even Apple in their unquestionable greed made quite the error underestimating the market and not making sure their back was covered from someone with an aspiration for freedom who would make something as good if not even better and that hadn't the same trappings of their contraption nor the same highway robbery prices... and they're now paying their oversight with a flourishing Android market eating into the pie that they never would have wanted to share.

This, in the end, begs the question of what the eggheads at M$ were smoking and why they never shared (greed again?). The market was already full with all the old releases of FS and even other simulators... were they expecting all of us, with our painstakingly gained hangars in FS9, and FSX, and X-plane, and etcetera, to just throw everything away only to mindlessly worship their latest brain fart on a whim?

On what basis they thought this would happen, I would really like to know.

I mean, throwing humility into the dump, if I, who don't have a degree in marketing and somesuch rubbish could see it, how could some revered and surely OVERPAID gurus of marketing and management be so bloody BLIND to it?

I don't thin k they'll ever answer me, but I'd really like to know. :P
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