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FSX FS2004/FSX Embraer 175 Delta Connection and United Expre

Postby darrinward777 » Tue Jan 11, 2022 2:30 am

FSX FS2004/FSX Embraer 175 Delta Connection and United Express modifications . I just downloaded this aircraft and found the PFD not functional along with cab files as old or older than fs98. This fix is quiet easy if anyone wishes to use this aircraft in FSX. first , delete the outdated cab files in the aircrafts panel so you wont get the error messages. Second ,replace the PFD display with the default Lear 45 in FSX. To make that easy for you I will provide the changes I made below and you can just copy and paste them. The first thing is to copy and paste the cab file from the Lear 45 panel folder into FSX's main Gauges folder so they become a shared folder
Here are the changes in the panel cfg

file=Embraer-170 panel.bmp
window_size= 1.000, 1.000
window_pos= 0.000, 0.000

gauge00=VCOLEJETS!GearLever, 569,323,42,62
gauge01=VCOLEJETS!Standby_Attitude_Indicator, 375,262,55,55
gauge02=VCOLEJETS!Compass, 524,38,26,16
gauge03=VCOLEJETS!ATC, 13,398,11,10
gauge04=VCOLEJETS!Checklist, 34,398,11,10
gauge05=VCOLEJETS!Map, 53,398,11,10
gauge06=VCOLEJETS!IconOverheadLights, 73,398,11,10
gauge07=VCOLEJETS!IconOverhead, 72,382,11,10
gauge08=VCOLEJETS!autobrake_switch, 394,350,17,16
gauge09=VCOLEJETS!EICAS, 449,268,110,141
gauge10=VCOLEJETS!IconThrottle, 53,382,11,10
gauge12=737-400!Autopilot, 307,185,330,47
gauge13=VCOLEJETS!ParkingBrakeSwitch, 370,326,66,96
gauge14=VCOLEJETS!FMC_Radio_icon, 34, 382 ,11,10
gauge15=VCOLEJETS!IconStarter, 14,382,11,10
gauge16=VCOLEJETS!OpenFMC_Radio, 356,444,98,37
gauge17=VCOLEJETS!OpenFMC_Radio, 553,443,86,35
gauge18=VCOLEJETS!OpenOverhead, 449,1,188,46
gauge19=VCOLEJETS!OpenThrottle, 455,446,95,33
gauge20=VCOLEJETS!TO, 407,422,10,10
gauge21=VCOLEJETS!callout, 1,1,5,5,3
gauge22=VCOLEJETS!Speedtrend, 1,1,5,5,3
gauge23=VCOLEJETS!Cabin_temp, 1,1,5,5,3
gauge24=VCOLEJETS!Gear_font, 571,333,69,88
gauge25=VCOLEJETS!Warn_Switch, 130,209,14,14
gauge26=VCOLEJETS!Caut_Switch, 159,208,14,14
gauge27=VCOLEJETS!Timer, 575,262,55,52
gauge28=Lear_45_XML!PFD, 97,257,135,176
gauge29=VCOLEJETS!ECAM, 244,267,122,151
gauge30=TAB.WindSpeedw, 3, 415, 93, 32
gauge31=Cessna!Nav GPS Switch, 280,185, 15, 30
gauge32=737.WCGPWS, 512,100,30,20

gauge33=Cessna!Nav_GPS_Annunciator, 280,185, 15,30

Also missing is the NAV/GPS Switch so copy and paste the Cab file from the default 172 to the main gauges folder in FSX
and you can now run the aircraft in the 2D flightdeck

If you you wish the have the PFD in VC replace the following gauge in the virtual section


gauge00=Lear_45_XML!PFD, 37,32,325,399
gauge01=VCOLEJETS!ECAM, 435,30,323,397
gauge02=VCOLEJETS!Caut_Switch, 854,16,95,89
gauge03=VCOLEJETS!Warn_Switch, 854,143,97,90
gauge04=VCOLEJETS!Compass, 852,335,133,73
gauge05=VCOLEJETS!EICAS, 31,538,331,392
gauge06=VCOLEJETS!att_aux_vc, 763,756,251,247
gauge07=VCOLEJETS!fmc_vc, 399,492,353,492
gauge08=VCOLEJETS!Timer_vc, 760,497,259,252
gauge09=EMB_sound!dsd_xml_sound3, 2,2,5,5,.\Sound\emb_sound.cfg
gauge10=737.WCGPWS, 854,280,100,50
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Re: FSX FS2004/FSX Embraer 175 Delta Connection and United E

Postby ethanwick » Tue Jan 11, 2022 3:01 am

Thank you! Very useful info and well explained. I will try this later.
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