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Making my FSX Flight Sim Videos

Postby 52Zebra » Sat Apr 24, 2021 12:30 pm

When I started making flight sim videos I thought it would be easy, you know how hard could it be?
Here are a few things I had to do so I could get started .
I'm using Win 7 on a quad core PC with 8 gig of RAM.
Old tech now, I built it 7 years ago .
First I had to go into windows advanced system settings and turn off all the win 7 frills.
Win 7 runs FSX much better with all that stuff turned off.
Then go into my video editing software ( Started with Vegas 12 and upgraded to Vegas Pro 16 ) and configured it a several times before getting the best settings for my system.
For rendering the videos I have opted for 60 FPS , turned off the re-sampling.
I had to go to the internet and find the best codec for Vegas.
I had to buy , install , and configure bandicam , I set it to 60 FPS.
I went with bandicam over Fraps because bandicam gave me the option to save the recordings in AVI or mp-4 , Fraps only gave me AVI.
I prefer mp-4.
Then I had to configure FSX .
I re-configured FSX several times until I got it running smooth as I could.
On my system it works best at 60 FPS trilinear and anti aliasing turned on.
I also found that on my system it is best to turn the internet off.
Then I had the crazy idea to start a youtube channel, wow I didn't realize there were 20 trillion other FSX channels , LOL just kidding about the 20 trillion but there are quite a few.
I decided to do mostly landings.
I try to keep the videos under 6 minutes even though there a few that are longer.
Here is a link for anyone interested in checking out my youtube channel.
Feel free to chime in with your experiences making flight sim videos.
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