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help me!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:15 am
by dankim
Hello, good morning, I wanted to make an inquiry, does anyone know why when I try to pilot the lessons of the instructional center the following comes up?

The flight you are trying to download does not have an associated script file. The flight will load without the script.

In this case one continues, I can fly, but I do not receive instruction there is nothing in the breafing etc ... I appreciate your support

Hola buenos días, quería realizar una consulta, alguno sabe porque cuando intento pilotear las lecciones del centro de instrucción sale lo siguiente?

El vuelo que estas intentando descargar, no tiene un archivo de secuencia de comandos asociado. el vuelo se cargara sin la secuencia de comandos.

en este caso uno continua, puedo volar, pero no recibo instrucción no hay nada en el breafing etc.... agradezco su apoyo

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Re: help me!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:04 am
by garymbuska
I hope you understand English as I do not know Spanish
What it is telling you is there is no instructions for this flight if you download lessons from a website you could run into this problem. I am fairly certain that the lessons that came with FSX all have script files or instructions as to how to fly them. But I have only flown a few of these lessons so do not know if they all have instructions.
While you can fly these lessons there will be no instructions as to where your next way point is and which way to turn to find it .
My suggestion some of these lessons will come with a readme file that will give you the information you need from that you can sometimes make a flight plan out of those instructions and follow that.
If you are trying to learn how to fly I would suggest that you go through what is called a ground school. In the real world this is exactly what you would have to do as it goes into what and how a plane is and how it flys. It teaches you the basics about lift and drag
When FSX first opens there is a tab that reads learning center it is here where you need to start. You will find everything you need to get started.
some of these go into the details and explain everything.

Re: help me!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:04 pm
by dankim
hello thanks for answering, do not really download the lessons, they are the school of rod machado that comes by default, but they give this error, and if I am really in a real aviation school, but I wanted to study and strengthen the part of the instruments of flight, incorporation to vor etc ... and in these lessons was the information and the exercises, if anyone knows where or how I can fix it I appreciate it very much.

I clarify with the fsx in box and not by the steam platform

Re: help me!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:01 am
by garymbuska
If you look closely at the lessons there are some that will show you how to fly using IFR (INSTRUMENT FLIGHT RULES) and will show you how to fly using VOR'S NDB'S airway's and Radials.
As for the error that you are getting the only way you might be able to fix that would be try to do what is called a repair or to uninstall and reinstall FSX but is the file is missing you are out of luck.
A VOR VICTOR OMNI RANGE It is a unique signal as it transmits what are called radials or spokes like on a bike tire. Your aircraft has to have a special gauge to pick this signal up as it transmits distances as well and tells you if you are flying toward the signal or away from it. It also has to have what is called DME DISTANCE MEASURING EQUIPMENT. A VOR frequency is unique you will see something like CRG 112.60 CRG is the name of the VOR. CRAIG in this case and it is located in Jacksonville, Florida,s air space. NDB'S are non directional beacon's and usually do not transmit that far from the source and the frequency is something like 344 they have names as well they do not transmit distances.
If you want to fly IFR there is a lot to learn. You can use GOOGLE and find tutorials on how to fly using IFR rules
Keep doing what you are doing and do not rush into it. One has to learn to walk before they can run. check out the link below that should help