Corrupted text since W10

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Corrupted text since W10

Postby DaveHagen » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:59 pm

Hello and good evening!

Since I have windows 10 I have noticed that the text on the CDU and the blue thing in the left side of the screen of FSpassengers (info of the seatbelts and serving) is pretty unreadable. That of FSpassengetrs is very messed up and I can't even read it. Here are the screenshots:


Does anybode knows how to fix this? I have reinstalled all the fonts, and they are all properly installed.
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Re: Corrupted text since W10

Postby garymbuska » Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:43 am

Looks like a FONT problem to me.
I would suggest you look through FSPASSANGERS and see what font it is using. I hope that this did not just occur after a windows update. The last major windows update I installed created all kinds of problems for me. Random files being changed by deleting needed files. By major update I mean when your system shuts down and restarts a couple of times.
If this did occur after an update you do have the option of undoing the update. But you might want to think twice before you do that as I do not know what else might have been changed and those changes might be needed.
They do provide a list of changes that will be made by any update but few of us actually read them let alone know what exactly is being changed.
UPDATES sometimes misses programs that use a function or procedure that is being changed or removed thus causing issues. Sometimes it can make a program no longer run under Windows 10 But that only happens to very old programs and I do not think FSPASSANGERS is that old
I would suggest that you uninstall FSPASSANGERS than make sure there are no remaining folders left any place that includes any short cuts on your desk top. If there is any thing left of the old instillation it can cause issues . Than restart your system before you try to reinstall it.
I also have the PMDG737NGX 800/900 and have had no issues at all. I love the realism and the working FMC
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