Installing the Helicopter Autopilot in FSX

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Installing the Helicopter Autopilot in FSX

Postby Gringo6 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:52 pm

I'm using the Win 8.2 Operating system in FSX.

What I want to do is install the keyboard operated Autopilot System as detailed by Ron Vermeij in his
very well detailed installation instructions. All goes well up to page 8. But then I cannot bond the key board
to the autopilot. The autopilot works when I mouse click the controls on the face of the autopilot gauge
but not with the keyboard. I want to use the keyboard to have those extra functions that are not available
with the mouse.

Can someone out there help me ?

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Re: Installing the Helicopter Autopilot in FSX

Postby napamule » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:21 pm

By DEFAULT FSX auto-pilot is enabled/disabled with keyboard keys. AutoPilot Enable/Disable (TOGGLE) key is the 'Z' key. Then you can Enable 'Alt Hold' with 'Alt+Z' key press (hold Alt down, then press Z key). Heading Hold keys are 'Alt+H' (press & hold Alt key then press H). Air Speed Hold (On/Off)='Alt+R' (might not work with Helios). Nav1 Hold (On/Off) is 'Alt+N' (might not work with Helios). Then when you want to go off autopilot you first press 'Alt+N', 'Alt+R', 'Alt+H', 'Alt+Z', and last (but not least) the 'Z' key and you are back to manual flying. Hope this helps. I know these keys work with airplanes, but maybe might not work with helicopters??? (haven't tried). Good luck.
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