Aircraft folders & different models.

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Aircraft folders & different models.

Postby sharkzz » Sat Nov 13, 2021 7:05 pm

G'day there all,
I am trying to figure out if you can have an aircraft type ie: piper, which has either skis, wheels or floats, Can I have wheels and floats in the same plane folder ?
or do I need to still have 3 separate folders.?
Could I add the points for both wheels and floats in the same aircraft cfg ? and have two separate airfiles (named differently of course) ? and two model folders, where the cfg points to the texture/model/panel etc of each type.
I had tried to test this with my piper pacers floats and wheels. But I think the sim sees the floats, when on water, but as there is also the wheels points in the cfg, the sim ALSO sees the wheels and so the plane sinks and not float.!.
I have tried a heap of different methods but I cannot get both to work. As the opposite to the above happens, when on runway, the sim sees the floats too and decides to dig in and not move .
So, Am I pushing poo uphill in this ? or is there a way to have multi version planes in the one plane folder ?.
I am going in circles.
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Re: Aircraft folders & different models.

Postby Concorde001 » Sun Nov 14, 2021 1:42 am

Well, as per what I understood, yeah, you can have separate model folders for different models (EX: 777 with different model folders for PW, RR, GE etc). Even you can have multiple .air files
All that really matters is how you present the data to your aircraft.cfg. If you want a 787 with Trent 1000 engines, and a custom .air file, simply make different folders for the different engine models (EX: RR Trent 1000, General Electric GEnx), and their model.cfgs. Later, you can add in the folder name of models as you want, and along with it, you can even alter the sim entry (for .air) of your choice in the aircraft.cfg.

Hope it helps :D

(Edit: Long story short, it works eitherways. You can add in different model folders OR make separate aircraft folders. Eitherway, it won't affect FSX/P3D)
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Re: Aircraft folders & different models.

Postby napamule » Sat Nov 20, 2021 1:49 am

You will need 3 different folders. No way around that. Why? Because if you put 3 different (ContactPoints) sections in an aircraft cfg the SIM will only 'see' the 1st one, and will use that one, and ignore the other 2. Thre is no way to make SIM 'skip' over the 1st cnt pt section, at least not in cfg or air file.

Installed properly (3 folders) you could take off with wheeled version, and when in the air change to ski version and then switch to floats to land on water. I know, not very 'realistic' but just making a point.
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