Real Air Traffic Control Transmissions..!

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Re: Real Air Traffic Control Transmissions..!

Postby Scottler » Mon Feb 23, 2004 5:18 pm

Well said, Craig.

Might make for an awesome add-on though, if someone could make it so!
Great edit, Bob.

Google it.
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Re: Real Air Traffic Control Transmissions..!

Postby Lethal.Ambition » Mon Feb 23, 2004 7:52 pm

there are various problems with making it realistic. Local accents, the differant procedures, and as has been discussed here the speed of which a controller talks, this especially would put the casual simmer off, for the simple fact it would take too much time to understand(no doubt a large market)
yes it would be nice for it to be more realistic but i wouldnt be expecting too much from the next installment,

Lets remember we have ATC text. ;)
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