Need help w/ World of AI!

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Need help w/ World of AI!

Postby TopCat747 » Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:47 pm

Okay I need a little help with WoAI.

A while ago on my old PC, I installed WoAI and it was great, really added some realism.
Recently, I purchased a new PC therefore I had to re-install FSX. I have just installed FSX today and also installed WoAI but there's a problem.

After I installed WoAI and the traffic files, done it all that, when I went into Free Flight, the default AI traffic were still active (as in Orbit Airlines, World Travel etc). I didn't really know what to do so I had a converter to convert the FS9 files to FSX and when I went back into free flight, the default AI traffic AND the World of AI traffic are active.
How the hell do I fix this or disable the default AI traffic?

Help really would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Need help w/ World of AI!

Postby dave3cu » Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:17 pm

To disable the default traffic...

Go to the ...\Scenery\World\scenery\ folder. Find the default traffic file, trafficAircraft.bgl. Change the file name extension to something that FSX doesn't recognize, example; trafficAircraft.bgl.original. Or you can move the file to somewhere outside FSX for safe keeping. Note that either will remove all default traffic, airlines and ga.

If you want the default ga traffic there are a couple of options....

-Go here- download the FSX GA Traffic file. Note, the bgl's are in FS9 format so you'll have to convert them as you did the WoAI files.

-If you used AI Flight Planner (AIFP) for your conversions, it's easy to use the program to compile a sub-set of the trafficAircraft.bgl that only has the ga traffic. Refer to section 6.7 of the AIFP help file.

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