Adding Aircraft...................!

Adding Aircraft Traffic, airport gates, etc, to your Sim - AFCAD, TTools, Project AI, AI Aircraft, etc

Adding Aircraft...................!

Postby Jase35 » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:18 am

Hi guys,i came back here after a while away,and started up again with Flight Sim X.
Only problem i have is,i have forgotten how to install new aircraft,so can someone point me to a topic covering this please.
Also can someone tell me the best Unzipping program out there i can download please.
Cheers everyone,and many thanks,it feels good to be back.. :)
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Re: Adding Aircraft...................!

Postby Capt.Propwash » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:33 pm

to install aircraft in FS9 you basically use your WINZIP (or other program that someone else could offer as I just stick to WINZIP [default zip/unzip tool from Micro$oft]...... save the .zip file to a specific folder or place "Downloaded Planes"
   .. unzip the craft to that same folder, then move the contents to where they belong in the FS9 main folder.   -- Aircraft to Aircraft, gauges to gauges, effects to effects etc as such.

in FSX, aircraft go to "FSX/SIM OBJECTS/AIRCRAFT" helicopters has its own folder, boats have their own folder, etc INSIDE the SIM OBJECTS folder.

Make sure that you save your .zip files for your downloads and periodically back them up on CD that way if you ever have to reinstall your Flight Sim, then you still have all the planes, boats, helis, cars, etc that you downloaded before and you will not have to hunt and search all the 20 different download sites just for that 1 F14 again.

As for the unzip tool, there might be a few here on SimV, but as I said i just use the one that came with WINXP.  Serves my purpose.  If i have a .RAR file, then I will only use WINRAR for .RAR files, even though it can handle .zip.   I just dont like how its EXTRACT TO function basically works.  I like doing things myself and dont really like the design, but I put up with it as far as RAR files.
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Re: Adding Aircraft...................!

Postby Hagar » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:46 pm

Hi Jase. Have you read this tute?

[quote]As for the unzip tool, there might be a few here on SimV, but as I said i just use the one that came with WINXP.

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