Seperate A.I. Aircraft folders !!

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Seperate A.I. Aircraft folders !!

Postby Jetranger » Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:19 am

I came across this from a New Zealand Flight Sim web site and thought I'd pass it on to other Sim Pilots - Newbies and Veterans.

Sim Pilots can go into their Sim Objects Aircraft "FOLDER" and create a New "Folder" , called - A.I. whatever name you choose for the folder.

and DUMP all your A.I. Aircraft into that "Folder" to keep them separate from the rest of your MAIN Aircraft, if ya choose to do it this way , it has several advantages for doing this.

it'll make it easier to locate and find any Problem A.I. Planes later on, should it arise down the road, and speed up the initial loading of the sim upon start up !

just like organizing files in your filing cabinet, the old fashioned way, you car ins, paper work separate from your home owners ins. paper work etc. organization and De'Clutter !!

Pay ATTENTION to the part of having to Also go into the - "MAIN FSX CFG File" - and "ADD" the following command line !!!

Command Line : = SimObjectsPaths.6=SimObjects\AlModels { ----- copy this part "after" the = symbol.

SEE Screen shot and article Link below ~ !!!!!

or just Copy & Paste the above that I Typed for You :D , don't include the words Command Line tho ! :think:

some of ya' may already know this and done it, then theres others who don't !

Read & See this LINK :

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