Sounds of intimidation

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Sounds of intimidation

Postby stephan » Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:09 am

Here I am again...asking for help from you folks to offer a suggestion that will fit the bill.
I am not strict about realism. I like simming and modifying the AC and panels because it helps take my mind from the real world and crap found therein daily. Unlike a lot of hobbies or games in the past that I give up on after a while,simming has really got it's hooks in me.
Here's my question,......or request if you will...
One of the ,if not THE most enjoyable feature of aircraft for me is the sound of power! For me,there's little that gets the hair to stand on end on my neck like a deep,loud,throaty growl and the background whine of a large powerful jet when being up close to it.
I have modified the Virtavia F22 till I am bue in the face and love it. Problem is,now that she is done,I want a sound set that gives her that scary deep,powerful throaty growl when taxiing and taking off. I have a LOT of AC in my folder and only one comes close to what I want.But,something strange happens when I copy sound files between AC. In many,the sounds seem to change in pitch and other characteristics when copied to other ac from the parent ac. Not sure what causes this.
HERE is a short video of the sound of power that I want for my F22. It may not be realistic for an F22 to sound like this,but it's my rush,and I sure could use some help getting a sound file / folder from an AC download that sounds like this.
Check the deep sound mixed with the shreak this beast makes. Then you will know what I am looking for. Thanks for any help on this matter.

Re: Sounds of intimidation

Postby stephan » Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:02 am

Well,it seems someone created the file I was looking for since the last time I looked for it. I believe it is simply named vulcansound . zip .
If anyone is looking for the vulcan sound,...or they sound of power I was looking for as described above,.. THIS IS IT !!!
Here is the link to the sound file/folder.
// ...

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