Piper PA28-140

What aircraft have you been unable to find after a long search? There may be an answer!

Piper PA28-140

Postby Flying Trucker » Thu Aug 10, 2023 8:40 pm

Good evening all... <<q

Found three(3) here at Simviation on Site Search that were Freeware.

Each one had problems with it so deleted them.

The one I was going to keep was by Ole Egholm, only in one(1) livery but hard as I tried the RPM Gauge would not work.
Manifold Pressure and Fuel Burn both the one gauge worked but there was not control for the RPM Gauge.

I even looked for a Payware PA28-140 with no luck.
Did not want to go Payware as waiting to see what this new Microsoft Simulator 2024 will be like. Might even by a new Electronic Gizmo (Computer) just to use for MS2024 and will look at Payware then.

Slowly getting back into this Flight Simming but will take time as filling in on the Executive at the Bugsmasher Field...just until September when new nominations are presented at General Meeting.

Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers... <<r
Cheers...Happy Landings...Doug
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