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FS Design Studio

Postby gordie3640 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:40 pm

Has anyone used FS Design Studio from Abacus to place scenery objects in FSX? I gave up on FSX SDK after a month of frustration and gyrations. I'm looking for a review of this software beyond what ABACUS published. Is it worth the 24.95?
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Re: FS Design Studio

Postby Fozzer » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:13 pm

I have used Abacus' "EZ Scenery" for for my FS 2004 for many years. >>>>

http://www.fspilotshop.com/abacus-scene ... ml?ref=372

....and for my FSX I use this..."Instant Scenery 3"....>>>


Wonderful for populating your airfields and scenery!

Select, size, and place, in real time, with the Sim running!

Like "FS Panel Studio", a wonderful program for modifying your default Flight Sims!

Paul....also with "Ultimate Terrain USA" and "FS Global".... :mrgreen: ...1
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Re: FS Design Studio

Postby zeus981 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:11 pm

I have built many scenery items using FSDS v6.5.1 and have no issues with uploading to FSX
All the non default items in my YBSS airfield (except a couple of orbx items that will show if you have OrbxAU installed) were made using FSDS. That will show you the capabilities of FSDS and what you can do with just a small financial outlay. (Search YBSS on Simviation and see post of Aug 18, 2016 by R Budd )
I have made buildings, misc objects and vegetation. I have never tried to build an aircraft though.
I use it with the XtoMDL option (instead of MakeMDL which I believe is for FSX2004)
Things to know about FSDS
- If a hard surface is needed, get the scale set in FSDS at 100% required, as up /downscaling once in FSX will muck up hard surfaces.
- A couple of freeware extra software is needed to fully utilise FSDS. They are DXTBmp.exe and ModelConverterX.exe. These are needed to ensure texture images work correctly especially those with transparent areas. A search should bring up their download sites. Try SceneryDesign.org too. A good image editor is necessary too. I use the freeware Paint.net.exe with the transparency patch added in.( called BoltBaitPack43).. might be later versions by now though.
Once scenery is made and compiled via FSDS, I use Instant Scenery to add and move objects around. This software makes movement of scenery a breeze compared to the default Objects Placement tool.
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Re: FS Design Studio

Postby Hagar » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:20 am

Just to point out that FS Design Studio is a 3D modelling application used for creating 3D objects like buildings & aircraft.

It is not an Object Placement utility which is used for adding those objects to the FSX scenery. Instant Scenery 3 suggested by Fozzer would probably be more suitable for your requirements.

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